Why Onolememen is the Leader Edo Central Senatorial District Needs


Why Onolememen is the Leader Edo Central Senatorial District Needs

Leadership involves someone who can make sound decisions, create and articulate clear visions, establish achievable goals and inspire others with the required knowledge necessary to achieve their own and collective goals. And that’s who Dr.(Arc) Michael Oziegbe Onolememen CON is.

People like Dr. Onolememen are required in every society to make progress: from business to political Communities.

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Dr. (Arc) Michael Oziegbe Onolememen CON is a man with self-confidence who has strong communication and managerial skills. He is creative and innovative in thinking. He distinguished himself while he served as the Minister of Works and other places he had served before. He is willing to take risk, he is open to changes and he is level-headed.

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He is a leader because he inspires others. He is an exceptional leader. He has been able to create a vision as a person and has achieved so much. Younger generations look up to him to succeed, in achieving their own goals. He has helped to build people, not just physical structures he is known for(the Buldozer)

Chief is ever motivated to work towards some feasible vision. And that is why the people of Esanland are unanimously calling for him to go to the Senate to represent them.

Adolor has strong communication skills, he is charismatic, assertive and has empathy. He has the ability to rally people to act on specific visions, visions that will better their situations and those of others.

Dr.(Arc) Michael Oziegbe Onolememen CON is a pacesetter, this is part of his leadership style, let him lead the people of Edo Central Senatorial District in the Red Chambers, and there won’t be any compromise.

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