Watch Out For another blockbuster novel titled: “What Have I Done”, written by Miss Ivie Ahianbale, SS 1 Student of Ikekato Secondary School.


Watch Out For another blockbuster novel titled: “What Have I Done”, written by Miss Ivie Ahianbale, SS 1 Student of Ikekato Secondary School.

Ikekato Irrua 10th October 2021.

Another historic achievement coming out from Ikekato Secondary, Irrua. Ikekato Secondary School is the old school of Emperor Wadada Aikore, Oba Teketeku 1 of the Universe, an extremely multi talented musician and the recently celebrated novelist, Miss Cynthia Chima the author of the inspirational Novel titled “She Broke My Rules”, a book published by Godsent Jomo Media and exhibited at the second edition of Ewu Book Fair 2019. Author Cynthia was a co-debater representing Ikekato Secondary School at the first Edition of Ewu Book Fair 2018.


You can see that the concept of Ewu Book Fair is contributing it’s quota towards the discovery and promotion of young talents in Esanland and Beyond.

Our Joy is that Ikekato Secondary School is taking the lead. Two great books has emanated from that school in 4 years of conception of Ewu Book Fair. There should be something special about Ikekato that will be unveiled with time. It’s like that school is very strong in Literature in English and other related field. The organizers of the book event is delighted about this development and implore other schools to emulate Ikekato Secondary School students. There are talents in all our Esan Ivory Towers because the Esan people are inherently talented and hardworking.

“What Have I Done”, drama, written by young Ivie Ahianbale, SS 1 Student of Ikekato Secondary School, Ikekato Irrua, the novel is set in Esanland and interrogates themes of struggles, exploits, challenges and family life in the Esan Sub-region. It’s a book worth reading. Watchout for this book at the 3rd edition of Ewu Book Fair 2021 coming up on the 5th Day of November 2021 at Kings Star Hotel and Suite LTD, Idunwele Ewu Edo State.

Other books to be exhibited at the Ewu Book Fair include: “The Fate of the Fateful Hunter – Isibor N’ Ohue”, by Chief Osiri Sadoh. This book look into the ancient times of old, exploiting themes of Esan era of hunting and gathering, it also examine the time of Ogiso, it’s valour and glories with seasoned idioms and parables which Chief Sadoh is known for.

“How Angels Look Like” by the contemporary novelist of Esan settings and experience, Mr Osajele Godsent Jomo is also lined up for exhibition at the forthcoming edition. “How Angels Look Like”, explores themes of security challenges in the Esan region and how it can be overcome through home grown solutions.

You can see that from the ancient to the modern, from drama to prose, Ewu Book Fair is ready to meet all you literary needs. Books set in our region are better than the foreign ones because education is local. We learn foreign theories to improve on our own experience while solving the local problems of existence.

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