Time to elect true patriotic Esan leaders to change the status quo!


Time to elect true patriotic Esan leaders to change the status quo!

……A strong case for Hon Ezehi Igbas, the only man who stood for Okonobo/Esan in the infamous impeachment saga.

Ubiaja 20th September, 2022.

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If you are a keen follower of Edo political evolution, you could recall the infamous event of impeachment of Hon Okonobo from the seat of the Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly, from which Hon Adjoto Kabiru emerged as the Speaker. Recall on that day, when the fracas was going on in the floor of Anthony Enahoro”s Complex, only one Esan Hon Member stood his ground and fought for his brother Hon Okonobo, that great fighter is Hon Ezehi Igbas from Esan South East.
His love and patriotism for the good of Esan is unparalleled.

Hon Ezehi Igbas is currently vying for the position of member, Federal House of Representatives, for Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency (Old Agbazilo) under the platform of the trailblazing Labour Party of Nigeria.

Hon Igbas is a visionary leader, dogged fighter and passionate community developer. During his days at the Edo State House of Assembly, Hon Igbas went to great lengths to protect the interest of Esanland. The video evidence of that infamous impeachment of Hon Okonobo speaks volume of the extent he can go in fighting for the cause of the Esan Nation.

He sponsored many bills and spearheaded many projects in his constituency.

No sector, this great man did not touch. From health, to security, infrastructure, education, Hon Igbas left his foot print in the sands of history.

This is why he is the darling of the people of his constituency who are calling on him to represent them on a higher level which is the National Assembly.

In the days to come, Urban Scoop Media shall be publishing details of his manifestos, mission, vision, and projects to the people of Esanland to make the right choice in the person of Hon Ezehi Igbas. Watch Out!

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