Time-out with Hon Sir MD Igbas, popularly known as ‘Defender of Esan Race’


Time-out with Hon Sir MD Igbas, popularly known as ‘Defender of Esan Race’

…the only Esan EDHA Member from opposition party who fought gallantly in defense of Speaker Justin Okonobo in the infamous impeachment saga.

Uwalor-Oke Uromi 26th September, 2022.

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Hon Sir MD Igbas need no introduction. The Uromi-born former legislature gain national attention when he fought alone with the entire house on the floor of Anthony Enahoro Complex during the infamous Impeachment of Speaker Justin Okonobo from which Hon Adjoto Kabiru emerged as the speaker. His fearless role in that fracas earned him the alias of “Defender of Esan Race”.

Apart from being a fighter, the sterling list of his achievements as a lawmaker is endless.

This time, this great Esan man has been given the mandate to represent the Esan Nation on a higher ground as he has emerged as the candidate for House of Representatives for Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency under the banner of the trailblazing Labour Party of Nigeria.

In this interview with Urban Scoop Media, MD Igbas talked at length about his background, his days at the EDHA and how he got the title of the defender of Esan Race. He gave a detailed list of the bills he moved, the projects he executed for his constituency and other sundry issues.

He also talked about his ambition, his political party platform and what Esan stand to gain if they follow the Labour Party of Nigeria and Peter Obi. Excerpt:

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Please kindly introduce yourself, name, community of Origin, and educational qualification.

HON. MD IGBAS: I am, Hon Sir Ezehi, MD Igbas from Uwalor -Oke Community in Uromi, Esan North East LGA.

My educational qualifications are as follows; PSLC, SSCE, Dip Maths Edu, B. Sc STATISTICS and M. Sc Statistics.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Tell us about your previous public service experience.

HON. MD IGBAS: I am the immediate past minority whip of the Edo State House of Assembly and member that represented Esan North East Constituency 2 between 2015 to 2019

I served meritoriously without any blemish record with loads of achievements to my credit as one of the only 4 opposition PDP member in the 24 member House of Assembly.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: We are aware that your name made the INEC list of candidates for the 2023 General Election, can you tell us about this?

HON. MD IGBAS: Yes, it is official and you are very correct that, my name was published in the INEC final list and the implication is that, I am the authentic candidate of the Labour Party for the House of Representative for Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency in the 2023 General Election.

I emerged at a very free and fair rerun primaries organized by the Labour Party and supervisef by INEC, after the former candidate Mr Isidahomen resigned his candidacy.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Was there any controversy concerning your emergence as the Labour Party Flagbearer for the position of House of Representatives (Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency)?

HON. MD IGBAS: No controversy whatsoever known to me and the law.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: There was a trending video of the impeachment saga in EDHA, in which you were seen fighting to defend the Speaker, Hon Okonobo, please recall what transpired that day.

HON. MD IGBAS: Yes! I could recall vividly that particular incident was the height of conspiracy melted on the person and office of the speaker EDHA, Rt. Hon. Dr Justin Okonoboh by some power hungry Edo South and North Legislators who wanted power by all means and never wanted the Esan tribe to head the Legislative Arm of government.

During the imbroglo I had 2 options to make,
1) leave the chambers like a traitor and allow them humiliate Hon Okonoboh


2) Defend the Esan race by supporting him gallantly.

At this point my conscience lead me into exhibiting a very strong support to an oppressed Esan brother of a different political lineage against all odds.

Thereafter, that singular action earned me THE DEFENDER OF THE ESAN RACE at the EDHA.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Tell us about your days at the House of Assembly, the bills you sponsored, your political platform, the projects you executed and the challenges you encountered.

HON. MD IGBAS: Some of my achievement as Member EDHA 2015 TO 2019

(1) Education Support

Distribution of reading chairs and tables to Ebhoyi Primary School (ward 10) Atani Primary School (ward 8) Idumu – Egbiremolen Primary School (ward 9).

Distributed over thirty thousand (30,0000) free reading materials like notebooks, pen and rulers to both public/private schools across constituency 2, some of the schools that benefited are stated below:

Idumonza Secondary school (ward 11), Ebhoyi Sec Sch Ebhoyi (ward 9), Efandion Sec Sch,
Efandion (ward 8), Amendokhian Sec Sch
Amendokhian (ward 7), Olilin Sec Sch Uzea, (ward 6), Uwalor Pry Sch, Uwalor (ward 9), Ufuah Memorial Group Of Sch Ubiarumu (ward 11), Okpere Sec Sch (ward 7), Holy Trinity Sec Sch Ebhoyi (ward 10), Goodwill Learning Center (ward 7). etc
Empowerment of men and women across the constituency in agriculture and different field of trade including monthly business support stipend from 2015 till date.

Support tuition payment to some indigent constituents in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

# Granted Scholarship to 60 Youths for 3 Months intensive computer training course and also organized one day certificate seminar programme (beneficiaries cuts across all the wards in the Constituency)

#Sponsored JAMB and NECO/WAEC Enrollment for numerous students from 2015 till date (across the wards in the Constituency)

# Facilitated admission for constituents into Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

# Donated sewing machines and hair dressing driers to deserving constituents.

# Facilitated admission for Constituents into School of Health, Benin City.

# Facilitated job transfer of some constituents to LGA of their Choice.

# Gave recommendation letters to several constituents who needed recommendation and employment.

Infrastructural Support

Revamped the moribund Uwalor – Oke community borehole to a standard and functional water supply scheme with Generator.

Built Ebulen bridge at Uzea

Built and commissioned 10 open stores with 24 shading spaces at Olinlin Community in Uzea.

Ceiling of Uwalor-Oke Elders Community Village Hall.

Repairs and installation of Efandion/Atani electricity supply.

Repair of transformer and restoration of Uwalor electricity supply.

Repair of transformer, rebuilding of transformer base and restoration of electricity supply to Eko-Omonua and part of Ebhoyi Community.

Built and commissioned 12 open stores with 28 shading spaces at Amendokhian Village.

Financial and material support for the transfer of Eki-Ohie transformer and restoration of electricity supply to part of Ebhoyi Community.

Roofing of Atani Elders Hall (Oko-Ughele Atani).

Built Idisaba Ubierumu Village Market.

Repair of transformer and restoration of electricity supply to Okpere 2, part of Ukoni and Efandion Communities, Uromi.

Facilitated the restoration of Uzea electricity supply in 2017.

Built and commissioned 22 open stores with 44 shading spaces at Uwalor-Oke Community Market. etc

Organized free medical treatment programme for over one thousand (1,000) constituents across the constituency in August, 2016
Constituents received
*free treatment,
*free drugs,
*free eye glasses,
*free diagnostic,
*free meal and
*free mosquito nets

Organized free medical treatment programme for five thousand (5,000) constituents across the constituency in November, 2017
Constituents received
*free treatment,
*free drugs,
*free eye glasses,
*dental care,
*free diagnostic,
*free meal,
*free mosquito nets and
*transport fair.

Supported some Schools in Esan North East LGA on Inter House School Sports Competition Games.

Resolved numerous petitions before the House, in the following reports and many more too numerous to add here;

Report on Energy, Water Resources and Solid Minerals against BEDC in a petition titled – Complain protest letter and unlawful disconnection of electricity supply to house 80 Okhoro Road, Benin City.

Report on Energy, Water Resources and Solid Mineral against BEDC in a petition titled, complain against BEDC attempt to extort. etc

Report of the ad-hoc Committee to investigate the petition titled “harassment, brutality and abduction of BEDC Service manager in Okada Service Unit by Okada Community and Elders

Report of the committee on LG and Chieftaincy Affairs on request for the release of vehicles to immediate vice chairmen of 18 LGA council Edo State.,

Report on Women Affairs and Social Development on a bill for a law to make provision for the establishment of a commission for persons with disability in Edo State. etc

Report on ad-hoc Committee on non-payment of local government workers salaries in Edo State. etc

Sponsored and Co-sponsored so many Motions/Bills including many more too numerous to add here;

Motion prohibiting street trade.

Motion calling on LGA to number Streets

Motion calling on relevant agencies to stop indiscriminate dumping of refuse along major streets in Edo State.

Motion calling on LGA to create Bus Stops and terminals across major roads in Edo State. etc

Pending Bills

A Bill for a law to amend the Bendel State Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law 1979 to Edo State Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law and for other Matters thereto 2017. (Submitted but not yet published)

A Bill for a Law to Regulate Edo State Government Approved Faith Based Health Institutions and Other Matter Thereto 2018 (Already gone through 2nd publication)

Other Legislative functions

Organized a 3 day Seminar in May 2017 with other Energy stakeholders on ways to examine the challenges and prospects of the power sector in Edo State.


Former Chairman House Services, Ethics and Privileges Committee EDHA 2015 – 2016

Former Chairman Committee on Energy, Water Resources and Solid Mineral
EDHA 2016 – 2017

Former Chairman Committee on Health
EDHA 2017

Chairman Committee on Security
EDHA 2017 – till date.

Recipient of numerous awards including;

*Award of excellence by student of Uniben

*Africa community Service Award by The Voice Magazine Holland

*Esan Most Outstanding Lawmaker of the year 2016 by Esan Hall of Fame (NCM).

*Award of Excellence by St Gabriel Catholic Church Urora, Benin City.

*The best Legislator of the Year 2017 Esan Hall of Fame (NCM)

*Award of Honour for outstanding contribution and selfless service to the life of the average Nigeria Child by by Amazing Nigeria Child help Outstanding Result.

*The most Transparent State Assembly Lawmaker of the Year 2017 by Transparency Nigeria Award.

*Award of Excellence for promotion of Unity and Human Capital Development by Esan Youth Vanguard.

*Edo Achievers Award for your contributions towards the Development of Edo State. By Edo-Okpa Unity Forum Lagos.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Now that you are going to represent two LGAs at the federal level, how prepared are you for the challenges ahead.

HON. MD IGBAS: I am very prepared having understudy the mitigating effects of bad representation in an emerging democracy like ours.

Further more, with my experience at the State level, I possess a great understanding of the factors that militate against development in Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency and as such, I am more than prepared to bridge the gaps of under representation and development to the greater benefit of my constituents.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: In terms of ‘structure’, how confident are you about the possibility of victory.

HON. MD IGBAS: Since my emergence as the Candidate for Labour Party. The party structures have grown in size and figures, strong enough to win elections anytime any day.

Hence, we are on ground to deliver Labour Party in 2023 elections at all levels by the Grace of God.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Let’s talk of syndrome of money bag politics, what is your take on that?

HON. MD IGBAS: Money bag politics is outdated and the major causes of our political and economic crisis in Nigeria and shouldn’t be encouraged in any form at all.

I am seriously against it and will never support such an idea, and honestly I am known for my prudence, uprightness and discipline.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Again, how much of your constituency do you know and how have you impacted in their lives.

HON. MD IGBAS: With my record of service, experience and years of resistance at the my Constituency.

It’s obvious that I have greatly impacted various communities and I’m also aqunited with the needs of my Constituents.

Above all, I know the terrain by name and geographical location.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Tell us your perception of the Esan Youths and People.

HON. MD IGBAS: The Esan youths are great and hardworking people ever ready to grab the next opportunity at any given time and an average Esan person is very receptive.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Profer solution to the lingering challenges facing Esanland politically and economically.

HON. MD IGBAS: With my *4 point Legislative Agenda called EHIS* on Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Security, it will proffer the needed solutions to the present social, political and economic problems that has bedeviled Esan land, with Labour Party and the Peter Obi policy on moving the country out of consumption to production, we will all move out of the present situation to a better stage that will be of value and benefit to our economy.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Tell us about the labour Party of Nigeria and it’s Flagbearer, what does Esan people stand to gain if you are victorious at the polls.

HON. MD IGBAS: The Labour Party is the New Nigeria bride waiting to serve the truly deserved dividends of democracy to the Nigeria people and moving them out of a consuming Nation to a productive Nation.

Above all with Peter Obi and myself winning the elections, my constituents will experience an unprecedented coverage, knowing fully well that, I am a firm believer of the fact that my Federal Constituency has all that it takes to compete in a modern world of today and as such, I am ready to invest into my constituents the wholesome ideas of independence coupled with empowerment of constituents by way of supporting their means of survival.

Above all, With my well thought out ideas and programmes on EHIS Esan Land will become a positive economic development and an epic center of envy and attraction to all and sundry.

URBANSCOOPMEDIA: Advice Esan people as the 2023 election draws closer.

HON. MD IGBAS: Go get your pvc’s and cast your vote for Labour Party all the way.

Thank you!

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