The Edo Yoruba Folklore of Joromi popularised nationwide by Uwaifo: a story to preserve for the next generation!


The Edo Yoruba Folklore of Joromi popularised nationwide by Uwaifo: a story to preserve for the next generation!

Benin City 30th August

In celebrating the life and times of Great Victor Uwaifo, it is pertinent to delve into the success story of this great African.



Great Victor Uwaifo came into National and international limelight through the release of his evergreen music album titled “Joromi”. This evergreen music sold over 1 million copies in one week, first in history in black Africa. This great feat was broken many years later by 2 Face Idibia with his African Queen.

Oral tradition had it that Joromi, a great African Warrior defeated all the known warriors in his village in a fight. Hungry for more fight, Joromi decided to take the fight to the spirit world since no human was willing to fight him.

The elders warned him against such suicidal adventure because no one has gone to the spirit world and returned alive to tell the story but Joromi refused and took the fight to the spirit world. Only his medicine man accompanied him to the spirit world.

When they got there, his medicine man turned to a fly and perched on a leaf to watch the fight.

Joromi defeated the spirit warriors one by one. He started with the one with 2 heads and killed him, then the one with three heads came and he killed him, another came with 5 heads and he killed him until the one with seven heads came and he also killed him. The king of the spirits warriors came with ten heads.

After a tough fight, the king of the spirit warriors defeated and killed Joromi. After killing Joromi, the king warrior plucked a certain leaf and squized the water into the eyes of all his dead warriors and they all woke up. Exhausted from the tough fight with Joromi, they all agreed to go and rest and to feast on Joromi’s dead body the next day.

The medicine man was still watching from the leaf he was hanging as a fly. After they had gone to rest, the medicine man transformed into a human being and also squeezed the leaf the warrior king used in waking his men into Joromi’s eyes and he also woke up.

Then they ran for their lives while the spirit warriors pursued them fiercely. At the boundary between the spirit world and the real world, the spirit warrior almost caught Joromi but only succeeded in scratching his back with his long finger.

Joromi and the medicine man came home alive but the line of scratch remain with all humans till this day. A line the modern medicine named the spine.

Unlike Otono of the Umobuarie Fame who could not return alive when he took war to the spirit world, Joromi returned home but with a permanent scar on his back.

Long live the memory of Great Victor Uwaifo who revived ancient folklores in music form.

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