Mr. Pedro Obaseki used to be very intelligent, and I believe he is still Intelligent, but I’m surprised how from his leaked Audio, he was repeatedly mistaking the Edo South Population to the Population of the Binis. Indeed, his case is like a Gwari man wrongly claiming that every person living in Abuja are Gwari people just because the land naturally belong to and was occupied by Gwari people. My dear Pedro Obaseki, in Esanland, almost every house has about 5 or more people living in Benin City. And I believe Edo North will also have a high number of their people in Benin too. in fact, in some areas especially in Uhumwode, Egor, Ikpoba-Okha and maybe Oredo, there seems to be several areas where 70% of its residence are strictly Esan.

I am also very much surprised that Mr Pedro Obaseki is complaining bitterly and talking about marginalization of the Benins. When I first heard that position from the audio, I thought I didn’t hear well and therefore had to listen again. I am surprised there could be a Benin man saying such when the first point of call of every Governor that has ever ruled Edo State, whether a Benin man or not, has always been Benin City, with about 70% of his projects situated in Benin City.


The last time I checked, the only tribe or Senatorial District in Edo State right now that has the moral justification to complain of gross and inhuman marginalization is Esanland/Edo Central Senatorial District. Dear Pedro Obaseki, for equity and fairness, after Adams Oshiomhole, it is Esan man that was supposed to rule Edo State, yet, another Benin was brought and Esan people still supported him without attempting to tear the State apart even when they were not also compensated with Deputy, and for second term, we all Supported him again, in fact, the 5 Local Governments of Esanland all voted him. The Esan people have experienced the most unimaginable form of marginalization and inhuman treatment in this State in terms of Appointment, projects and Governance, yet, the Intelligent, very smart and highly politically inclined people of Esanland remained calm without fighting anybody. For God sake Edo State has existed for about 30 years and no Esan man has ever ruled this this State except maybe for just 18 months. So what exactly is the point Mr Pedro Obaseki is trying to make in his divisive audio?

As at today, the best projects and gigantic projects of Governor Godwin Obaseki are situated in Benin City, even the greatest of his “proposed” projects are situated in Benin City. Among these projects are the Ogbe Stadium, Secretariat Building, High Court, Ossiomo Power Plant, Edo Refinery, Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub, Gelegele Seaport, Edo Innovation hub, Production Center, Edo Tech Park and the Tech village, etc. These and many more are all in Benin and the good people of Esanland have celebrated these projects even when they are not in Esanland, without attempting to tear the State apart. If then, I may ask, what is actually the problem of Mr. Pedro Obaseki, is it greed, lack of contentment, tribalism, nepotism or egocentrism?

It may interest the general public to know that even in the ongoing street lighting in Edo State, Esanland was crossed to far away Edo North for the street light project. While the Esanland which was passed to Edo North got nothing, Edo North (Etsako West) got lighted up, yet, we did not attempt to tear the State apart, Esan people even celebrated it. That was how Esanland was also passed through for the proposition of Airport in Edo North and Esan people also celebrated it. In all of these, no one can point to just two project of such magnitude anywhere in Esanland, done, ongoing or proposed, even though we hope and wait patiently to also benefit such from this Government. My Great people, please, in all of this, who is suppose to cry the cry of Mr Pedro Obaseki, Esan or Benin?

Enaholo Abel Usiale.

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