Against the run of unimpressive quick fix projects, the honourable member representing Esan North-East/Esan South-East Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt Hon.(Barr.) Deacon Sergius Oseasochie Ogun has chosen to take on perennial challenges which had defied solutions over the years. Nowhere else is his resolve to do things differently more remarkably visible than in the agricultural sector.

In line with his electoral promise to make Agbazilo the agricultural hub of Edo State, he influenced the establishment of the Agbazilo Mechanized Constituency Farm Oria in 2017. The farm which sits atop a vast expanse of arable land measuring over two hundred hectares has an administrative block, farm warehouse, borehole, three tractors, ploughs, harrows and other modern farm implements. The farm is fully mechanized in every sense of the word. Successive farming circles have been hugely successful with over two hundred young men and women engaged in each farming cycle, with attendant financial benefits to boot. If sustained, the farming scheme will help to reduce, in no mean measure, the alarming rate of unmployment and poverty while reviving the interest of the younger generation in agriculture. In a society where farming has been reduced to a “poor and dirty vocation”, Rt Hon. Ogun’s executive farming scheme which is devoid of manual labour is a practical demonstration of how to engage the youths meaningfully in productive and lucrative agricultural ventures. Farming with ease!


Away from the mechanized farm project, Rt Hon. Ogun facilitated the refurbishment of the Federal Department of Agriculture Ubiaja in order to revive and reposition it for better performance.The agricultural establishment is back to live again after wallowing in the abyss of infrastructural decay and neglect for many years.

The people’s active federal legislator distributed five units of rice milling machines to rice farmers in Ugboha, Illushi and environs. Who says our rice farmers cannot produce stone-free and dirt-free rice? With the new rice milling machines, it is a fait accompli!

With thousands of hectares of cultivable land and enormous human capital, Esan South-East/Esan North-East Federal Constituency is undebatably one of the enviable constituencies in the country with huge potentials for agriculture. This aptly and inevitably explains why the Game Changer has taken keen interest in harnessing the vast agro potentials of the old Agbazilo. Dazed with the hydra-headed monsters of poverty, unemployment, mass migration of young men and women to Libya, despair and despondency in the land, the Uncommon Federal Lawmaker wisely and promptly latched on to agriculture, from the very beginning of his first term to revive the local economy, attain food sufficiency and create jobs for the unemployed youths of Agbazilo. He realized early enough that farmers needed to be given some form of training in modern farming methods as well as open their eyes to new agro-economic opportunities. This propelled him to organize several practical training programmes in cassava farming, fish farming, palm oil production etc. Not done yet, he secured start up capital for successful trainees to commence fish farming and palm oil production.

To complement his giant strides in the agricultural sector, he influenced the construction of several rural roads so as to open up the areas and enhance the transportation of agricultural produce from farms to the market.

In view of the above, it is pertinent to ensure the sustainability of Rt Hon. Sergius Ogun’s agricultural revolution beyond 2023 so that our people will continue to enjoy the benefits of modern agriculture! In order to keep the flames of agricultural transformation burning, the man behind the success story should be returned to Abuja in 2023 to continue the good work!

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