There is a saying that you can not do the same thing over and over again and expect to have a new result. There are some countries and states that are not even as viable as each of our LGAs and yet are surviving well. For Dr. Mike EIGBEMEKHE, Many of his predecessors in ESAN NORTH EAST LGA have made indelible name by doing their bests. Since the LGA Council can not be retrogressive, it definitely needs a consolidating pragmatic, prudent and quintessential manager, who will be an asset and not a liability.


What type of persons do we normally vote into office? 1.Is it those that see positions as a birthright just to enhance their CV? 2. Is it those who sees political office as a means of having name, so as to be addressed as Honourable? 3. Is it those that are the opportunists by virtue of godfatherism or place of birth or social status?4. Or those who sees politics as a business venture and an article of trade to aggrandize their personal ego and feeling of megalomania? 5. Is it the professional/career politicians who have lived all or half of their lifespan on politics and thus are now professors of all the reprehensible antics and ludicrous political machinations of bribery and corruption, political quid pro quo, official misfeasance and malfeasance or financial malversation?

The man Dr. Mike EIGBEMEKHE has never earned any political money and thus his philanthropy and love for humanity could not have been said to be out of abundance or a sacrifice of a fraction of the public money acquired. He has given a lot of free acadamic materials to hundreds and thousands of students, free medical health outreaches, Free opthamological eye examination, Free eye treatment and distribution of prescribed eye-lenses, distribution of insecticides treated mosquito-repellent nets to different maternities and primary health care centres for nursing and pregnant mothers. He has paid counterpart funding for community developments. Etc.

He is a good PDP party stalwart who didn’t want to reap now, where he did not sown. He is altruistic, tolerant, respectful and empathetic. He is an asset and not a liability. He is always there for the party and works hard for any of its successes.

During the last Edo state governorship election, to ensure the victory of PDP, Dr. Mike EIGBEMEKHE did not only contribute his personal resources, but also went to different villages, hamlets and communities, canvassing for votes for the PDP party. He used a lot of personal resources. He also printed a lot of bags of quantities of promotional and campaigns sourveniers, billboards, posters (most of which adorned all the streets within the local government area and beyond), t-shirts and facecaps ( most of which were distributed to different Wards within the LGA ,by the party executive chairman himself. Etc. All these were to contribute his quota to the victory of the PDP party.

He has brought a new trend of political transmogrification, services for humanity, selflessness and egalitarianism.

Dr. EIGBEMEKHE, is the VISION WHOSE TIME HAS COME. He is the VOICE OF THE MASSES. He is THE DREAM OF THE LEADERS and THE VISION OF THE YOUTHS. He believes in tangible, palpable and concrete infrastructural development and meritocratic achievements that will alleviate the plight of the masses and less privileged.

He is always known to pay tribute to his PREDECESSORS, some of who had laid enough indelible foundation upon which he hopes to build. We sincerely believe that by the time he adds his quota and is exiting office, ESAN NORTH EAST LGA must have been the best. The very best. Nothing but the Best.

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