For several decades , the people of Esan South East and Esan North East Local Government Areas of Edo State have been bearing the suffocating and excruciating blunt of water scarcity occasioned by the death and dearth of water facilities. The ugly reality appalled the people to no end as successive administrations failed to provide a fitting solution to correct the festering deficit. A temporary lapse in judgment could be forgiven, but a leadership which is insensitive to issues of enormous importance should be questioned, as to its moral conscience and qualifications to engage in governance. The last time the people of Agbazilo had unfettered and unhindered access to public pipe borne water was when the Late legendary Prof. Ambrose Alli held sway as governor of the defunct Bendel State.


Interestingly, the old Agbazilo once had a functional public water supply scheme that was rated as one of the best in the state in terms of efficiency, water quality and service delivery to the people. Unfortunately, the golden era could not be sustained as water supply gradually plummeted till it went completely comatose. Consequently, relics of the facilities which visibly adorn the streets of Uromi, Ubiaja, Ewohimi, Ugboha etc in their rusty and dilapidated forms, are all that is left for first time visitors and the children born and raised in the constituency within the last two decades to relate to presently.

This was the sorry situation on ground when Rt Hon., Barr., Deacon Sergius Oseasochie Ogun was inaugurated as a member of the 8th National Assembly over six years ago. Rather than resort to playing the blame game, he chose to tackle the perennial challenge head long, and like a man walking on automated springs, the uncommon legislator rolled up his sleeves and plunged into the crucial assignment with infectious zest.

When he came into office in 2015, there was hardly any functional public water facility in the entire federal Constituency. The Northern Esan Water Supply Scheme was yet to be completed, and the few public boreholes available were either dysfunctional or simply left to rot away owing to lack of maintenance and lack of alternative source of power supply.
Although he is an opposition lawmaker, he did not allow political sentiment to becloud his sense of judgement by taking on federal projects that were yet to be completed. Believing that serving the people is more important than being politically correct, Hon. Ogun demonstrated honesty and integrity by decisively mounting pressure on the Federal Ministry of Water Resources to complete the Northern Esan Water Supply Scheme. He had put in so much of his time, efforts and personal resources into the project and it was at the verge of being completed when the federal government formally handed over the water scheme to Edo State Government in May 2018. It is expected that the state government would do the needful soon.

From day one, he was not in doubt that it would take some time for the Northern Esan Water Supply Scheme to see the light of the day, hence even before he assumed office in June 2015, he had set machinery in motion to sink boreholes in several communities as an alternative elixir to the unyielding challenge of water scarcity plaguing the constituents.

As of today, he has successfully initiated the following water projects.

* Construction of borehole at Ubiaja Prisons

* Construction of borehole at Uzea

* Construction of motorised borehole at Ewatto

* Construction of borehole at Emunekhua

* Construction of borehole at the Agbazilo Mechanized Constituency Farm Oria

* Construction of borehole at Ohordua

* Construction of three boreholes at Illushi

* Construction of borehole at St. John Bosco’s College Ubiaja

* Construction of borehole at Sacred Heart Girls Model Secondary School Ubiaja

* Construction of borehole at the BEDC Power Substation at Oyomon Road Uromi

* Construction of water fetching points for Ewatto Water Project

* Reactivation of Ewohimi Water Project

Assuredly, the astute parliamentarian is winning the war against water scarcity and he has vowed not to rest on his oars until water is flowing in every ward in Esan South East and Esan North East LGAS.

Without the fear of contradiction, Hon. Ogun is an extra-ordinary lawmaker with limitless humility and boundless compassion for the ordinary people. His simplicity has continued to endear him to friends and foes alike, who are amazed that the perks and privileges of office have not changed him at all. He has remained passionate about improving the lot of the masses and is always willing to lend a helping hand, even at personal costs. Little wonder, the disciplined and principled persona is reverred and honoured at home and abroad. No wonder, an overwhelming majority of the people are calling on him to return to Abuja in 2023. Little wonder, his performance rating, popularity and acceptability keep increasing with geometric velocity.

The greatest reward for hardwork is more work! Let the good work continue! Let’s go further together!

Team Sergius Ogun

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