Senate 2023: Parts of My Plan For the Youth.


Senate 2023: Parts of My Plan For the Youth.

No doubt, the secret of success is hardwork, not magic. To be successful, one must be hardworking and innovative, even in thoughts. You must make use of the days as well as the nights without wasting anytime for frivolity. There are no easy ways to succeed in this world. And I will tell you very candidly, this has been the plan I have followed all my life as from when I started primary school.

When you work hard, you can’t be blamed for being lazy because your hard work will surely yield results. So put more efforts in whatever you do, you will see the result even if it comes slowly. Slow movement is better than no movement.


I have had opportunities to mentor young people and I have never lied to them that success comes with ease. It never has and will never be. Success is a result of effort and a measure of luck. It’s like prayers and works or prayers without works. When you pray, you must work towards achieving your desires.

I am going to the Senate partly to help a lot of our youth in Esanland to realize their dreams and visions towards building careers they wish. I shall device methods for training, for empowerment, for career councelling, for advocacy, for mentorship…

Skill Acquisition Centres will be set up to help bring modern trainings to Esanland so as to be able to be employable in our competitive job market. I shall often have townhall meetings with our youth as to be able to discuss their challenges and the direction we would face to resolving them. My plan for the youth is going to be holistic and all-encompassing.

I shall factor ‘you’ into the plan personally by bringing ‘you’ or ‘your’ representatives to table to talk about ways forward for ‘you .’

I am Dr Mike Onolememen CON, I am running for Senate, Edo Central Senatorial District.

I need your Support, Nomination and Votes.

Together, We Can Do It.

Be Rest Assured.

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