Seek and you shall find, knock, it shall be opened, ask and it shall be given unto you.


Seek and you shall find, knock, it shall be opened, ask and it shall be given unto you.


In the game of fishing, a passionate John Doe who sits by the river, hook in hand, would smile sooner than a lazy professional at home hoping for stray fish to swim onto his kitchen sink.

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I am an ardent believer in the fact that every young person has the potential to transform their environment, one way or another. They may not know it just yet, but every youth out there has something to offer, if they look inwards. The youths are the most vibrant human population on the planet and vibrancy comes with a certain inclination to create solutions and try new things.

We are at a time in our history where people are becoming more alive to their responsibilities; in carving niches, offering services, and creating value for the public good. We have witnessed several people who rose to prominence from obscurity by offering value. The focus has shifted from waiting for things to happen to show up, going out there, and happening to things – and to be quite sincere, such formulas have worked successfully over time. While the Government at every level needs to provide adequate “cushions” and provide an enabling environment for the ideas of young people to find expression and thrive, potential and platform should meet halfway.

Someone who sits in front of an event and is very vocal during sessions is most likely to be captured by the camera than someone who is seated behind and contributes nothing. Young people, be it at the Federal, State, or Local Government level must be able to understand and play the visibility game (how to be seen). Talent discovery doesn’t happen at home. Life-changing opportunities are a function of events that happen around you from time to time. You must be able to note these events and show up as your best version. I have been to one too many events tailored specifically for the discovery of young creative geniuses only to discover low turnout.

There are so many Governmental and Non-Governmental organized empowerment programs that are essential for supporting thriving businesses and creative ideas. It is the responsibility of young people to scavenge for the WHERES and WHENS and ascertain HOW to get in. We are in the era of technology where events are broadcasted online. Young people must be deliberate in searching for these events and ensuring that they are positioned to attend. Also, the importance of volunteering as a tool for gaining access to opportunities and developing capacity for leadership and management cannot be overemphasized. The use of social media as a worthy tool for local and global visibility must also be utilized and greatly improved upon.

For a while, there has been a huge difference between those who should be present and those who show up. This is Joyce telling you, reminding you, and admonishing you not to be counted on the odds.

Show up!
Show us!!
Show the world your genius!!!

~ JD


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