SECURING THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA YOUTHS AGAINST INTERNET FRAUD AND HIGH LEVEL PROSTITUTION – A CALL FOR COLLECTIVE ACTION! By: Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha Immediate Past Executive Director- Tax Compliance & Other Revenue – Edo state Internal Revenue Service and Chairmanship aspirant- Esan South East LG Council.




Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha

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Immediate Past Executive Director- Tax Compliance & Other Revenue – Edo state Internal Revenue Service and Chairmanship aspirant- Esan South East LG Council.

The greatest tragedy that can befall any nation is a nation that fails to secure the future of her youths.

The youth represent the greatest wealth, strength and hope of any nation. This is so because, this age bracket accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of a country’s population. In the case of Nigeria. It is a known fact that young people have abundance of ideas, abilities, energy, and creativity to impact and ultimately play a significant role in shaping nation building.

Regrettably, the growing trend of internet fraud and high level prostitution among Nigerian youths has reached a worsening dimension. This development, if not urgently addressed by all concerned may result in economic, political and spiritual damages of seismic proportion to the entity called Nigeria.

The adage that the youths of today are the Leaders of tomorrow is a trite expression that is currently losing relevance in some countries of the world especially in Nigeria, where the bulk of its youths have resulted to self-help through various Get-Rich-Quick- Money making schemes such as: Robbery, Kidnapping, ritual killings, prostitution, Cultism etc .

More worrisome is the current trend of internet fraud popularly known as Yahoo-Plus or Yahoo extra. Yahoo extra involves indulging in rituals involving human sacrifices which includes eating of human excreta with the intention to making quick money.

*The question before us is: How did we as a nation get to this point where our future Leaders have now been brainwashed to kill their fellow human being as well as eat human excreta all in a bid to get quick money?*


The looming danger ahead of us as a nation is now a real case for state and national emergency. Apart from the far reaching negative implication this line of business has on our nation’s image, the Internet fraud business in Nigeria is now a big industry with majority and minority shareholders. It is now a full time Investment business.

Majority of Nigeria youths no longer see the need to work hard any more. The era of good name is gone. There is abysmal lack of moral values in our today’s society. A greater percentage of today’s youths no longer see reasons to take the progressive route to achieving success; they do not believe in education anymore, rather they see education as a scam. This is the rude reality we have all come to grapple with as a nation!

Worst still is the fact that most expensive Hotels, eateries and Guest houses play daily host to these categories of youths that have now built a career in the internet business. Their stock in trade is mainly to indulge in moonlighting activities involving frolicking with women, consumption of drugs and alcohol to satisfying their insatiable appetite for instant wealth that is now fast becoming a way of life in Nigeria.

The looming danger ahead can be reflected or evidenced in the following:

1. The battered image of Nigeria as a result of internet scam by greater percentage of Nigerian youths

2. Erosion of our time-tested and honored values and principles of our founding Fathers .

3. The daily recruitment of young people into internet fraud business

4. The youth sees the trade as the only means with which they can eke out livelihood in the midst of the high unemployment rate in Nigeria.

5. The rise in reported cases of ritual killings among Nigeria youths on daily basis .

In a related development, the case is not different from the perspective of our female youths.

Events of the past few weeks have actually raised serious fundamental question as to whether there is any future for Nigeria youths.

Last week, I came across a pranked video on the internet where a young man asked a young lady if she would sleep with him in the public glare for the sum of Two hundred thousand naira only(N200,000). The girl suggested for an in-door type of sex action and this was refuted by the man involved in the pranked video. The girl later obliged to do the bidding of the man by laying on the mattress in preparation for the Open Street Sex request. No sooner had she done that, than the man asked her to stand up and that it was not his intention to sleep with her but a prank aimed at knowing why she (the Lady) would want to do such a thing. This lady’s response was mind blowing! . Her response is the sum total of what is wrong with us as Nigerians- our actions and inactions. She said the subject money will go a long way in helping her solve many money issues. On hearing that, I wept for my country Nigeria. I wept bitterly because, the lady mentioned in the pranked videos is a sample representation of the larger population of Ladies in Nigeria. What this video portend is that we have quite huge percentage of young female ladies in Nigeria walloing in the vast ocean of uncertainty not knowing where the next meal will come from.

In the same vein, another pranked video of a lady who was asked to remove her pant for twenty thousand naira only (N20,000) also surfaced online and the girl actually did. I can go on and on.

In another related development, while trying to recover from the shock I got from the desperate actions of the above two ladies above, another made my heart bled and broken. That is the one that has to do with the current video that has gone viral on the internet.

It is about our would-be future mothers (young Ladies) who have thrown caution to the wind by engaging in sexual affair with dogs for money, for the sum of presumably One million, five hundred thousand naira only.(N1,500,000).

This act of beastiality by our young ladies in itself is morally reprehensible, dispicable, obscene, disgusting, repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience.

It further help to validate the end time prophesies. This criminal act by our female youths for Get- Rich quick Money Scheme tells you the extent to which some of them can go to getting money at all cost as well as the extent to which money has become their god.

From the foregoing, it is worthy to note that the actions and inactions of our youths in Nigeria (both Male and Female ) speaks volumes of the fierce urgency of the reality on ground in a nation that prides herself as the giant of Africa.

It also speak volume of the lack of visionary, dedicated, committed and selfless Leaders, the Institutionalized corruption, the declining cultural values, insurgency, kidnapping, robbery, insecurity, violence and the high culture of impunity among Nigerians, the escalating individualism Syndrome, the glorification of wealth over hardwork, the unbridled corruption that is now a key Institution in Nigeria which have become synonymous with livelihood .

The big question begging for our answers collectively is :

How do we secure the future of Nigeria youths in the midst of the lack of Visionary, committed and selfless Leaders, the cynical chaotic culture of impunity, the Get Rich- Quick Syndrome, the high level prostitution among female youths , the youth involvement in cultism, robbery, kidnapping, internet fraud, ritual killing and the compromises in the security architecture and agencies?

The answer in my own considered opinion can be gleaned from the following :

1) Nigeria youths must first take a determined, conscious, bold, coherent and deliberate effort to know that they are the engine of the vehicle) the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPU) called Nigeria. They should know that as the engine of Vehicle Nigeria, they are critical Stakeholders as far as the governance of the Nigeria nation is concerned.

(2) Nigeria youths as critical Stakeholders in the value chain governance should unite to sponsor without sentiment a dedicated, credible and visionary youth as president in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election. This is achievable if you all will unite and speak with one voice . The bible says can two work together except they be in agreement (Amos 3: 3). This can be done by using the ENDSARS STRATEGY without violence to bring about the desired change.

3) Nigeria youths as a matter of urgency must be part of those to lay a solid foundation for the emergence of a new Nigeria. A new Nigeria that will usher in moral rebirth thus leading to a major ideological shift in the way we think and act.

4) Nigeria youths must not allow corrupt politicians to see them as mere footnotes in the history of thuggery and violence rather they should allow themselves to be seen by politicians as veritable agents of change that will in turn install credible, dedicated, visionary and committed Leaders especially as the 2023 general election draws closer.

5) As agent of change, Nigeria youths should rise above pettiness, jealousy, hatred, malice and Pull Him Down Syndrome of their fellow youths but rather, They should unite leveraging the 2020 ENDSARS strategy to make patriotic choices in nominating, supporting and voting only credible, visionary, committed and selfless Leaders that will bring about the desired changes of our collective dream.

6) Nigeria youths as a formidable pressure group should influence the review of the Nigeria Constitution to reflect our diversities and our realities. The major plank of the constitution to be reviewed should be to :

(A) Set qualifying Criteria as conditions precedent in contesting any elective positions in terms of age, educational qualifications for Presidential aspirant, Governorship, Senate, House of Rep, State House of Assemblies, Local government Chairmen, Counsellors etc

(B) De- emphasize the use of state of origin and promote the concept of citizenship with a view to building a strong United and inclusive Nigeria of our dream.

(C) There should be bold and conscious effort to reduce the cost of governance in Nigeria. In doing this, the Senate, House Representatives, State House of Assemblies members should be on part- time basis.
This, in itself will promote good governance and at the same time discourage the Cash and Carry type of politics that has now characterised the Nigeria society.

(D) There should be deliberate and bold effort to review down the security votes of Governors in Nigeria by 50%. The Revenue arising from the 50% reduction in security votes of Governors in states should be channelled to promoting RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (RD) in all the states of the Federation. Each states should set up or create a SILLICON VALLEY HUB where innovation, creativity, R & D will be encouraged.

Given the above, I believe that if Nigeria youths can take the above recommendations to heart they can help build a strong nation of our collective dream.

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