Rural Transformation Is What Esan South East Needs Now ——Amahdin Amos Cole


Rural Transformation Is What Esan South East Needs Now ——Amahdin Amos Cole

An All Progressives Congress( APC ), aspirant to the Edo State House of Assembly , Otoagua Amahdin Amos Cole, has advocated rural Transformation for Esan South East local government Area of Edo State.

Amos Cole, stated this in Benin City over the weekend while speaking with journalists.


He said, his vision is, “to have my constituents as the biggest champions of socio-political, economic, infrastructural and technological development and policies in Nigeria.

“To give every Esan indigene from South East a voice and strengthen the social- economy of all communities in Esan South East through quality representation

According to him, “Rural Engagement, Welfare & Social Transformation, and to develop a collaborative approach among sons and daughters of various communities in Esan South East .
Adding further that, “community development issues, such as electricity, water supply , cottage industries, agriculture, transportation, investment into local and indigenous products and hospitality. We shall work to enact relevant laws to improve the workings of our CDAs at the rural level, because they must work with our traditional institutions to provide service for our people in their respective domain.

“Youth Empowerment and technological Initiatives, where We will develop a data base for our youths and prepare them for engagement in use of ICT & modern technologies, specific purpose training in latest technological systems such as Ai, Microsoft Azure, Apache Spark, Pyspark, Advance data base Excel, SQL Dabase Snapshots, Access, Cyber Security, Coding AutoCard , Digital Marketing , Cloud computing and many more.

“We will also expand the scope and accessibility of requisite technical skills in the* building industry by focusing efforts to advancing the skills of technical and civil /structural engineers through certification and mentoring.

Amos Cole, said, “Agricultural Development Initiative with a proposed initiatives to make agriculture lucrative and attractive to our youths so as to retain jobs in the rural areas thereby improving our domestic farmers markets and also help mitigate the rising levels rural urban migration from our local communities.On this note , our job is to collaborate with both National and State agencies on the provision of seedlings, fertilizers and advanced/ modern agricultural implements / machineries to support and boost agricultural growth in Esan South East rural communities.

” In addition, we shall also look at possible ways to request assistance (material and human resources) from accomplished sons and daughters of Esan South East communities in local and diaspora to fund agricultural programs and make donations of modern agricultural tools in their respective communities to aid agricultural growth.

” Furthermore, we will strive to enhance the domestic cooperative societies, especially local meetings in the villages to access funding for their markets. In all, we will look into opening up the trade routeds in Esan South, i.e from Ewohimi to Ubiaja and Ilushi to Ubiaja and Emu, to Ohordua and Ewohimi, we must begin the mapping of the concentration of our cottage industries while we liaise with government (Federal, State and Local) for provision of basic infrastructures such as roads and electricity etc. to engender robust rural transformation.

“While doing these, we will deeply engage in digital marketing of Esan South investment opportunities so as to attract more investors to Esan land.

“We shall work hard to reduce the recent large numbers of out of school children in our communities through the establishment of educational intervention programmes. We shall also provide an environment whereby technical Skills are not ignored by this we mean we shall work on expanding the scope of the the training modules or curriculum of such training centers are recarlibrated to capture modern course needed to drive digital economies in the 21st century. This would be done in a manner to support formal education sector. Not leaving art and aesthetics in our skill design, it will be a new down in Esan South East.

” Community security system by building on the Atanakpa strategies in Esan South East. Ensure a proper emergency services hotline and contact centre to coordinate responses and capture video and picture evidence. Bring in forensic expertise and use of satellite technology to track movement of criminal elements and apprehend them.

Concluding he said, ” The existing primary health care centers will need to be consolidated and equipped with modern medical equipment, medication, and man power . We shall also look at relevant laws to strengthen the operations of the primary health care centers, on how they generate revenue and the kind of professional medical services they offer to the people at the rural communities. We also need laws to support and regulate the activities of trado medical care givers, train and deploy them to assist conventional doctors and nurses in the operations of the Primary health care in all the wards in Esan South East communities. Most importantly we shall launch a voluntary Health Insurance scheme which shall be backed by donors and also health care providers at the start. It is anticipated this will lead to more investments, innovation and creation of numerous jobs and attract health care professionals and service providers and enable more jobs for our youths and attract investors into the communities.

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February 28, 2022 10:47 am

What have you done so far from your own human resources in the betterment of your people. How many persons have you empowered… current day politics is above speaking English but getting down to work… unpopular politician cannot become popular when given power…. check the like of sen Odia…sorry you won’t get that ticket.