Ramadan: Onolenmemen Urges Muslim Faithfuls to Pray For Nigeria.


Ramadan: Onolenmemen Urges Muslim Faithfuls to Pray For Nigeria.

The former Minister of Works, Dr.(Arch) Mike Onolememen CON, has felicitated with Nigerian Muslims especially those in Edo State for witnessing the beginning of this year’s Ramadan fasting and urged them to continue to pray to Allah for positive intercessions in the affairs of our nation that is faced with several challenges ranging from security to economic. In a statement by the head of his Media Office, Evans Olubamidele, Saraki stated that between the last Ramadan and now, much have not improved in terms of economic development or security stability, which has affected the lives of ordinary citizens in negative ways.

“I felicitates with all Muslim faithfuls for the successful beginning of this year’s fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. Although we have been faced with several challenges which are stalling our economic growth and general well being of our citizens, however, we the living have reasons enough to be grateful to Almighty Allah for sparing our lives till this very moment. For example, we are celebrating this years Ramadan without the fear of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged the world.


“It is important that our Muslim brothers and sisters dedicate more time in intercessional prayers for our nation especially in this holy month as we are faced with existential crisis. The country is suffering from both security and economic woes. And we are going towards election years, we should also be ready to pray and play key roles in ensuring we vote in worthy citizens who can fix our dear nation.

“I know the essence of fasting is dedication towards prayers and to experience the sense of hunger and deprivation which the poor in our society go through daily. Those who are well to do should not be so comfortable to forget the poor and underprivileged. The country will be better off if we all work together to protect those who are not privileged in our midst. May Allah grant all Muslim faithfuls the profound fecundity to perform the fasting the way it has been instructed,” Onolememen stated.

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