Quality Representation is not a function of age, House of Assembly aspirant


Quality Representation is not a function of age, House of Assembly aspirant

In the build up to the general election in Nigeria, party delegates have been advised to vote for aspirants with antecedents and qualifications rather than age.

Mr. Osehilase Aigbe Uduebor, an aspirant for the Edo State House of Assembly under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), gave this advice during an interview with Urbanscoopmedia in Ekpoma recently.


According to him, Nigerians do not have to trust young people without qualifications and demonstrated capacity to lead. if we make this thing about age then we are getting it wrong. He mentioned that he hasn’t made age his key selling point since he began the journey.

“But truth be said, good leadership is not a function of age alone. If we say we want a young person, believing he/she is going to give us the best of leadership, then we are wrong because we have some young governors that have been tested and failed woefully. It is not about age, it is about antecedents, demonstrated capacity to lead, qualifications and what the person in question has to offer.”

“I have always been an advocate of good leadership. It is high time we the youths who are eminently qualified with proven capacity in leadership stop losing out politically. If we are to field the youths then we must field the best amongst us. Ahead of 2023 elections we need to mobilize ourselves and identify trusted youths with proven leadership qualities and antecedents amongst us to bring about the change that we desire. Remember, politics is a game of numbers and we have it, so let us use it, he said.”

The House of Assembly hopeful in Esan West LGA, also promised that if given the mandate, he would initiate policies and programmes that will put smiles on the faces of the people of his constituency.

Mr. Osehilase Uduebor expressed optimism that his administration will ensure better representation, healthcare coverage for all, youth empowerment via agriculture, attract Foreign direct investments, promote sports and engage with his constituents through various channels in other to ascertain their most urgent needs and address them.

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