Public/Government Universities are Now More Expensive than Mudiame University


Public/Government Universities are Now More Expensive than Mudiame University

Dr. Judith Oremire Ehibor

When the news of the approval of Mudiame University hinted at the airwaves sometime in 2020, there were jubilations, particularly among the Esan people. There were also speculations that as a Private University, the school fees would be out of reach of the average person in the host communities. Indeed, that was what it initially was.

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However, from what we have read recently on social media about the slash in the tuition fees and by implication the total payable school fees, people are beginning to be satisfied that the Founder means well for the Esan people in particular and Edo State in general. This is more so when he allows payments at installments and at the very convenience of parents and students.

For the regular courses with fees of about N250,000 tuition and total payable fees (accommodation, medical, development, utilities, internet, caution e.t.c.) of a little more than N500,000, it is actually cheaper than most public/government universities. In many Public Universities where school fees are on the average N140,000 and the student needs to take care of his accommodation at a distance from the campus (N150,000), transportation (N400 daily), medicals, buy data, water and pay utility bills, what he pays in a session is way above N500,000. Those do not include the implicit costs of strikes and unrests that also add to the costs and length of schooling in Public Universities.

Essentially, every parent can now see a child through in Mudiame University especially when it gives enough space through installmental payments..

So, like Ekpoma’s and Esan’s Prof. Ambrose Alli of blessed memory like Irrua’s and Esan’s Prof. Sunny Eromosele. History will continue to record them as Esan heros. As far as I am concerned, they are the two greatest Esan men between the dead and the living respectively.

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