An indigent of Ubiaja town in Esan South East LGA of Edo state Mr. Innocent Okoh, have cautioned some mischief makers of the community to leave the Onojie of Ubiaja HRH Curtis Eidenojie Iredia, alone and allow peace reign in the community.

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Mr. Innocent Okoh

Mr. Okoh, who is a businessman and notable personality of the town, was reacting to a publication in the national dailies, where some Persons accused the traditional ruler of blocking a road inside the palace, and using some youths who they described as cultists to oppressed the people. He accused the mischief makers of throwing caution to the wind.

They also accused the Onojie of closing down the quarry site in the community, without laying hold of the issues surrounding the closure.

He thanked God and praised the traditional ruler for bringing the issue of the quarry to the knowledge of the public, as he didn’t miss his words.

Mr. Innocent Okoh

According to Mr. Okoh, “I believe that issue will be made to rest by the time all parties involved see reason to sign a peace accord”.

“I pity them because they are losers, that road is inside the palace and for security reasons and reasons best known to the Onojie, that road has remain closed. There are other roads leading to Eguare which residents can take, why rob shoulders with the king because he is a youth and because of selfish reasons and personal scores to settle”.

He further say, “to put the record straight, since the Onojie sat on the throne of his fore father’s, at the age of 20, he has been under the control of an association called Ubiaja union, they were in charge of the affairs of development in the community until recently, precisely in the first quarter of this year, when the Onojie, decided to run the affairs himself, thereby closing down the quarry in question because of allegations of mismanagement and embezzlement of hundreds of millions of naira, which resulted to the suspension of the union activities and subsequent appointment of a caretaker committee to run the affairs of Ubiaja development, this didn’t go down well with some power that be leading to strife, exchange of words, accusation and counter accusation, writing of petitions with false claims, even court cases were not also left out.

“Those Powers that be with their fat pockets petitioned the Inspector general of police, which lead to the arrest of some youths, who were just exercising their constitutional right of freedom of speech, freedom of association and peaceful gathering in the name of Ubiaja youths association. The youths were labeled as miscreants, cultists and what have you because of the violent steps some took in possessing the quarry which was earlier resisted by the disbanded Ubiaja union and the managers of the.’

He added, “the Onojie of Ubiaja, should be left alone to rule his Community traditionally, and these people should stop disturbing the peace of the community. Instead they should join hands with him to profer best solutions to all the problems bedeviling the community. The Ubiaja-Ugboha road needs construction and power supply has been so epileptic, in the community, how come these people are not complaining”.

“There are other factors slowing down the development of Ubiaja, yet they are not complaining. But because of selfish reasons attach this same people have gone to the public space to malign the Onojie. He said.

In the said Punch publication of Wednesday November 24, 2021,

An elder of the community, Ibhaseguahi Obaseki, said, “It was forbidden for the king to block the road which was first paved in the 1920s but tarred few years ago as it would lock out his kindred. The action of the king is now preventing quarters in Eguare-Ubiaja from accessing each other.

Mr. Innocent Okoh

Another elder, David Omodiale, said he was the secretary to the palace from 2011 to 2018, but that he resigned when he was no longer satisfied with the way the king was leading the kingdom.

He recalled how the then governor of Edo State, Oserheimen Osunbor, tarred the road to immortalise the late Ojudo, who died during the campaign leading to Osunbor’s election.

When contacted, Eidenojie denied the allegations but challenged his people to go to court if they feel aggrieved

He said, “How can a king be using cult boys to harass his people? I don’t think that is done anywhere. This is like a shock to me. I did not block any road leading to anywhere.

“The governor was aware and had to send the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, who came to do his findings with some of his people. There is a law that governs the land.”

Innocent Okoh

On the quarry site, he said it was locked to enable him resolve the crisis rocking the leadership and running of the site..

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