PDP Primary: Open Letter To Edo Central Senatorial District’s Delegates – By Darlington Okpebholo Ray


PDP Primary: Open Letter To Edo Central Senatorial District’s Delegates – By Darlington Okpebholo Ray

I bring you warm greetings and felicitations ahead of the planned Monday 23rd, 2022 PDP primaries for Senate. I know how difficult and anticipatory it has been over the shifting of the days for a while and I am sure your dedication and loyalty to the party have made you all endure.

Permit me please to write this open letter to you, Distinguished Delegates, I am convinced the letter will serve the purpose of being able to reach you all and for the sake of successive generations of Esanland who will profit from the precedence that will be detailed therein.


We are in a difficult time in our political history as a people, and we must be keen on those who we elect into representative office going forward. And the duty of electing capable and credible personalities with known competence rest on your shoulders. As Delegates, you all must ponder about the best aspirants who can represent our interest as a community of expectant people.

Going towards the primaries of our great party, PDP, you are all cynosures of all eyes. You are the focal point. Everyone wants to see the decisions you will make about who you want to elect to represent us at the general elections.

My main purpose, without mincing words, is to redirect our attention to Edo Central Senatorial District, the need to make the right decision at the primaries coming up on Sunday 23rd, 2022, so that we can have the most sellable candidate to represent us at the general election and one who can effectively represent us for the greater good of our homogeneous people of Esanland.

Such an individual must be a one who has the desired competency to discuss thematic issues with the Executives at the Federal Government level, an individual who can effectively represent the interest of the entire Esan people without prejudice, and one who can present dire developmental issues at the Senate, as well as deploy Constituency Projects in an innovative and equitable way, among others.

No doubt, at this juncture in our common history, Edo Central Senatorial District needs a leader who should be a rallying point basically because of his position at the National Assembly. The contemporary Esan nation needs a very influential leader, as it were, both natural and traditionally who can organize the people together to achieve common goals and successes.

Such an individual is no other than Dr (Arc) Michael Oziegbe Onolememen CON, the Adolor of Uromi Kingdom. As of today, he is the best among the rest to go there to the Senate and represent us having shown his capacity and capabilities while in government at different times.

Dr. Mike Onolememen CON needs no introduction, he is a traditional title holder, a politician, professional, and scholar. Under the stratosphere, there are few men who radiate a mix of dynamic charm and exuding charisma, and among these few men is Chief. (Arc) Michael Oziegbe Onolememen CON Ph.D. He is a medley of a quintessence; that is of quality and class, an archetype of a perfect gentleman with substance.

Dr. Mike Onolememen CON was born in Uromi on September 4th, 1965. He began his early education at St. Anthony’s Primary School, (now Okpujie Primary Schoo) in Uromi and moved on to Annunciation College, Irrua, and went to Bendel State University where he bagged Bachelor in Architecture. This makes him a true home man who knows Esanland thoroughly, having attended his primary, secondary, and university education all in Esan land.

Chief Mike Onolememen CON is a man of principle. All throughout his life as a public servant, he is well known for hard work, integrity, penchant for excellence, and teamwork. He served as an Executive Member of the Management Committee of the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF), an infrastructure rehabilitation and development agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, with executive responsibility for the Directorate of Projects Management.

In January of 2007, he was appointed Minister of State for Defence by President Olusegun Obasanjo and had responsibilities for the Nigerian Airforce, and all military training institutions and parastatal in Nigeria, as well as serving as the Deputy Chairman of Army Council, Navy Council, and Airforce Council.

He has been the Principal Consultant in the Nigerian architectural and engineering design firm, Gomic Consortium International Limited since 1990. From July 2011 to May 2015, Dr. Mike Onolememen served as the Minister of Works and Member of the Federal Executive Council in the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Dr. Mike Onolememen CON is no mean philanthropist. He has done a lot for so many people without being optical about it in terms of relief and job creation. He has also contributed immensely to the growth of PDP in Edo State in general and particularly in Esanland.

Distinguished Delegates, if we keep talking about the high points of Dr. Mike Onolememen CON, the Adolor of Uromi, pages of books might never contain the retail of his kind of person. However, let it be known that he is the leader that we can nominate for Senate come Monday 23rd. He is not only an experienced politician, he is a born leader, a party loyalist, well educated with job experience, and a natural rallying point for the party in Esanland and Edo State.

I want to congratulate you all in advance for your decision to nominate him to represent PDP in the general election as Edo Central Senatorial District will from 2023 witness lively and effective representation when elected into office.

I pray to God to continue to bless you all for your warm welcome and reception accorded him during the period of consultations and your words of assurance both in private and public.

May we see the desired development in Esanland during your time.

Warm Regards

Deacon Darlington Okpebholo Ray, a Media Consultant and Publisher of Truthlive.net Writes From Greenwich, South East London, United Kingdom

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