Pastor Dr. Azemhe Azena Promises To Erect A Barb Wire Fence in Edo NUJ secretariat. To Give Discount To Journalists’ Children In His School, Event Centers .


Pastor Dr. Azemhe Azena Promises To Erect A Barb Wire Fence in Edo NUJ secretariat. To Give Discount To Journalists’ Children In His School, Event Centers.

…As Azemhe Becomes Associate Member Of NUJ

Iduozee Efe Paul. Benin


The Regional Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries in the Southern Region 11, Pastor (Dr.) Azemhe Azena has promised to give a discount of 40% out of 100% to members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Edo state council for any individual journalist that would patronize his School and Event Centers for wedding, birthday and other social programmes.

Pastor Azemhe Azena made the statement when he led his team of ministers to pay a courtesy visit on the leadership of the NUJ, Edo state council.
He said, he came to the Edo NUJ secretariat to identify with the new executive of the union led by its chairman, Comrade FestusAlenkhe.

He asserted:” I am at home, and I want to thank you Comrade Festus Alenkhe for this great opportunity. I came with my team to appreciate and identify with the executive that were inaugurated six months ago. I have been part and parcel of the NUJ though from afar. I discovered that it would not be fair not to visit you, after spending six months in office.

” I have not formally come here to say congratulations to the exco, that is the essence why I am here. The other day when I came, I was here for an emergence visit, and I felt the emergence visit should not be the reason I would be here.”

Commenting on how he would assist the NUJ, the cleric said” there is a part I want to establish. If any journalists wish to be part of it. You know I run a “school and event centers,” I want to actually give discounts to any journalists that want to make use of the event centers, in any of the locations in Edo state.

” So long as you are a member of the NUJ, you want to make use of them. Maybe, for your wedding, birthday party and any other event, as far as the event center is situated in your locality. Instead of 100% , I will give you 40% discount for the NUJ members, that will be my contributions to the NUJ.

” I also run a school, those journalists who leave around that area of the school can put their kids in the school. With the same discount of 40% I will give to them. I am already doing it for some persons . If I do that for NUJ, I don’t think that would be a problem .

“I will still give quality education to the kids, not because I am giving them discount that I will not. The kids will still enjoy better learning. That would be a plus to the Union, thank you for welcoming me back home,” Azemhe added.

Pastor Azemhe who is also the Regional Overseer in charge of Omega Fire Ministries churches in Southern Nigeria, thanked the exco for the projects executed within a short period in office “. The NUJ exco is doing a great work . I thank God for what you are doing. When I came the other day I saw several projects that were listed within short period of months already done.

” I believe more projects are coming, I came to identify with you to be part and parcel of the projects, so that I will not be left out from the progress. So, I came to know whatsoever aspect l can come in to this progress, we can sit down to talk and interact.

” I also came to share a vision of the council to you. I know before now, I have not been able to discuss with my friend, Festus Alenkhe . If you watch crime-watch in EBS, you will discover that we have been working together. If you follow the Red Cross activities, we have been working together also.

Even, in the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Edo state chapter, he brought me there several times, and we have been working together for years. This is the fourth body I will be working with Comrade Festus Alenkhe to make sure the vision of the NUJ, Edo state council is actualized.

” That is one of the reasons I came,. but my friend has not let me know the area I would be involved but I was the one that insist on the aspect I will come in to contribute my quota.

” One other thing that brought me here is to say that l want to return to the journalism profession. I have both National and Higher national diploma certificates in Mass communication from the federal Polytechnic, Auchi and most of my class mates are here seated now. I want to join them too.
I may not come in by carrying pen reporting for any TV or radio station”. I will take up the responsibility of erecting a barb wire fence at the moat end of the Edo NUJ press center. I will call my engineer to come and check it and report back to me”.

Responding to the son of the oracle, the Edo state chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Comrade Festus Alenkhe said, ” you are welcome to the NUJ Press Center. I want to say that, Pastor (Dr.) Azemhe Azena is somebody that have been working and supporting me for some years now. Like he said, he has always associated with me, in everything I do.

” But, for the NUJ. When we came to office, I just said, let the Exco settle down first before I will come to him. Now that he had insisted to come and support, I appreciate you my great man of God.

” So, Pastor Azemhe Azena, as a Mass Communication graduate, you are going to be working with us. I just ask the Secretary of the NUJ to check the Constitution to verify if you can be an “Associate Member,”and he said that if you have Mass Communication degree or any certificate in Journalism and you are not practicing, you are an automatic Journalists By your media certificate.

” The Constitution said such person would be made an Associate member of the Union. So with this you have said today, and the qualification you have acquired, we want to announce that, Pastor (Dr.) Azemhe Azena is now an associate member of the Edo NUJ.

“I want to say that the compendium that would contain the names of qualified and registered Journalists in Edo state will soon be out. It would carry the names of journalists who are practicing and qualified. It is in the Constitution of the NUJ.

” That you are holding pen and jotter or carrying camera in a media house does not make you a journalist. That you work in a media house does not make you a Journalists. A journalist by calling must have gone through the four walls of a tertiary institution.

” A journalist must have acquired the relevant certificates in Mass Communication, Journalism and even Theatre and Media Arts. Such qualified persons are to be members of the NUJ. So, if you read, Biology, Economics, Geography or any other Courses in other fields in any University or Polytechnic but you find yourself in media house, you are just a media worker and not a journalist.

” But, if you have the necessary certificates to practice as a journalist, then you will be accredited as a journalist. That is why at the national and state levels of the NUJ, if you want to contest for an election, you must have the vital Journalism certificates. So, to us Pastor (Dr.) Azemhe Azena is a journalist, and will serve as an Associate member of the Union.”said Alenkhe”.

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