Opening Up The Space For Purposeful Representation


Opening Up The Space For Purposeful Representation

If it is agreed that the essence or quest for political office should be informed by the need to render purposeful service, then reason should logically dictate that those with genuine interest and proven requisite capabilities be given opportunity to serve their people.

It is on the premise of the above firmly rooted aphorism we hereby humbly present the noble aspiration of HON. (DR.) FELIX GODSENT AKHABUE JP, fondly called JOEFEL, to the distinguished Leaders and respected Delegates of our party, the People’s Democratic Party, for your kind consideration and endorsement.


It is a common knowledge that the single tenure of Dr. Felix Akhabue as the Local Government Chairman of Esan West was marked with unprecedented development and achievements.
As Commissioner for Wealth Creation, Hon. Akhabue facilitated the appointment and employment of several of our people in positions of authority and different departments of Government while also providing direct empowerment to many others too numerous to mention.

Beyond the above stated facts, the House of Representatives hopeful is a man of unimpeachable integrity, rare humility, unwavering focus and cheerful disposition. His commitment to the Esan struggle and our party has been demonstrated in several ways, including making available his hospitality facilities for the use of party members and party programs on several occasions at no cost. Hon. Joefel is one of our political figures whose contemplation most times is always about what to do for the party and the people rather than what to gain. He believes in and practices the principle of placing more emphasis on wealth creation and distribution rather than mere acute consumption alone.

We present most humbly, to you, our revered party Leaders and Delegates, a man who is a perfect bridge between the old and the young as a result of his ability to relate with all classes of people effortlessly without discrimination or segregation. He is vibrant, courageous, smart, intelligent, vocal and savvy.
The endorsement of Hon. Felix Akhabue’s aspiration will not only put an end to docile representation but will equally open up the space for purposeful and inspiring representation.

For a better and purposeful representation of OKPEBHO Federal Constituency at NASS, Support, nominate and vote HON. (DR.) FELIX GODSENT AKHABUE, JP.

@ The Voice of Reality Reloaded

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