Onowe the great is a warrior and a soldier from UGBOHA KINGDOM in Esanland.

It is important to state here. There is only one ENOWE THE GREAT. A renowned war leader, the expert blacksmith and the respected physician both in Ugboha Esan, Igueben Esan and in Benin.

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He was sent from Esanland to Oba Esigie in 15 century and he led the army that defeated the Igala Kingdom. After the war, him and EBEN, another Esan warrior founded IGUEBEN KINGDOM on their way back to Benin.

For those who are fabricating non existing histories. That Esan kingdoms was Benin kingdom.🤷‍♂️

There is no record of history any where, that the Obas, or even Ojisos ruled over Esan kingdoms. For you to be able to rule Esans, meaning you brought a war, defeated us and instituted a political structure.

There was never anytime in history Esan kingdoms lost a tribal war to any kingdom, including the Benin and Fulani caliphate. With exception of the British Empire, a war that lasted for more than 7 years before Esan Kingdom’s were brought under their control.

The relationship between Esan Kingdom in ancient time and neighbouring kingdoms can be liken to the relationship between the United States and Ukraine today.

Most of the important wars won in Benin were fought by Esan warriors. We supplied them military hardware and softwares. At times, we even put boot on ground.

In gratitude to the victory Enowe the great brought to Benin during Idah war. He was honoured with deification and has a shrine at Iduigun Ugboha Benin till date.

He is also honoured in IGUEBEN KINGDOM. All Iduigun which was the original settlement founded by Great Eben worship Enowe’s.

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