Onobun: Resetting Edo State House of Assembly for Impact


Onobun: Resetting Edo State House of Assembly for Impact

By: Ambassador Ayemere Michael

The Edo State House of Assembly has in recent times been in the eye of the storm until it got the calming touch of Rt. Hon. Marcus Iziegbeaya Onobun, when he emerged as the Speaker of the House in the 7th Assembly.


As soon as he was sworn-in, Rt. Hon. Onobun hit the ground running with an uncommon zest. Within a couple of days of his elevation to the position, he proved to be the right peg in the right hole.

On the last count, under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Onobun, the Edo State House of Assembly has treated 14 Bills to it’s 3rd reading. These include a Bill for a Law to enact the Edo State Public Procurement Agency Law 2020 and related matters and repeal the Public Procurement Law 2012 and a Law to repeal the Bendel Sports Council Law 2021, provide for the establishment of the Edo Sports Commission and for matters connected therewith etc.

In Esan West Local Government Area (LGA), where he hails from, Rt. Hon. Onobun is set to commence the first phase of solar borehole projects across the area.

He gave the hint recently when he conducted a team of hydrologists on a geological survey across some wards in his constituency. He said these projects are geared towards fulfilling part of his campaign promises to the Wards.

He has also influenced the appointments of a horde of his constituents in different government MDA’s and corporate establishments. This is aside from his influencing of construction of good roads with some ongoing. His one year in office has also witnessed fixing of schools through the State Universal Basic Education Board(SUBEB). Also electricity transformers have been allocated and mounted in many localities in the state within this one year period.

The Speaker has used his exalted position to ensure unity of purpose and cohesion between the legislature and the two other arms of government – the Executive and the Judiciary. The relationship had never been this cordial in recent times.

The challenges he would have faced on assumption of office were easily surmounted as a result of his superlative performance as well as the goodwill and camaraderie he enjoys from his colleagues, Management and Staff of the Honourable House.

Within the 12-months period under review, Rt. Hon. Onobun was instrumental in ensuring that the State remains on task on its mandate and delivery of good governance to the people.

This no doubt that Rt. Hon. Onobun has endeared the House to the populace and the multiplier effect can be assessed in the goodwill that the legislature presently enjoys across board.

It is on record that the house management in his era has taken the issue of staff welfare to the summit to the extent that staff salaries and allowances are paid as at when due. Also the management has upgraded the skills of the staff by way of workshops and in-house training programmes. There is also promotion of Staff and increase in the number of Directors. Let it be said that this era is the first in the history of the State House of Assembly whereby there would be peace and calmness within the rank of the workforce.

The leadership of the House in Rt. Hon. Onobun’s reign has ensured that all areas worthy of intervention are covered such that stakeholders are always brought to speed on the many factors that could be of merit or demerit in carrying out their assignment in line with constitutional provisions.

In recognition of his stellar accomplishments, the Nigeria Speakers Forum elected him to be a principal officer in the forum.

Rt. Hon. Onobun remains a trailblazer and is set to push for even more impactful reforms in the House for the betterment of the lives and livelihoods of Edo people.

Ambassador Ayemere Michael is the Media Assistant to Rt. Hon. Marcus Iziegbeaya Onobun, writes from Benin City_*

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