On Mudiame University, Irrua


    On Mudiame University, Irrua

    My dear Esan people,

    Harvard University, the best in the world today started from somewhere and people built it as a Private University.

    get your pvc

    Anyway, the new tuition fees for Mudiame is about 250k for Esan students. But fantastic accommodation, caution fees, internet etc raise it to about 500k a session. Students are allowed to pay this amount in installment and at their convenience.

    It doesn’t matter how much they have to start upon admission (equivalent to starting up in any public university). It is a deliberate policy to guarantee access because the Chancellor, *Prof. Sunny Eromosele* is only happy that he is able do this for the Esan people, even in a private capacity.

    As a matter of fact, The only difference I can see between him and Prof. Ambrose Alli is that Alli was a great public officer and he is a great private person. The goal is the same.

    Therefore, Esan people must encourage this and take ownership of the university because he isn’t ranked among the richest Esan men in Nigeria and across the world. It is just his interest and passion. Otherwise, he had the option of, and could have, located it in Port Harcourt and focus the oil big money instead of bringing it to Irrua. Isn’t that a sacrifice that must be recognized by all of us? And if every community in Esanland takes a consciously directed effort to ensure that its youths are enrolled in the university and every Esan person thinks of just one thing he can contribute to it, we would soon become the envy of the other tribes.

    Moreover, it is a unique varsity where skills and business acumen rather than just certificates are developed and prioritized. We need to see the workshops, entrepreneurial hub and labs. We didn’t have this type of education and opportunity in our days; I wish we did.

    The Cut Off Mark for the 2022/2023 session is 130.

    We advocated for all these deliberate soft admission policies because access is key among the four dimensions of education security (availability, accessibility, utilization, and stability). And to God be the glory, he easily keyed in, given his main goal of community growth and development instead of profiteering.

    God bless you as you come to Mudiame University, Irrua.

    Dr. Francis Ilenloa Igberaese

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