Paul Omo Aigere, though you are out of sight of those who cherish and loved you but you are never out of their mind, just as they remember you today and always.

You shocked us 19 years ago, when you left this sinful world, in a heroic manner.


Though your life on earth was short but today we have discovered that it’s not short because you have continued to live in the hearts of those who loved and encountered you in one way or the other.

Your twin brother, parents, siblings and real friends loved you dearly and celebrate you today and always. We can still remember very well that every moment spent with you is fun as you put smile on faces of people who encountered you on daily bases, you are the defender of the defenceless.

Paul Omo Aigere, Your kind, gentle and compassionate heart can never be forgotten. You were a lawyer in the making and at the peak of your university education, while aiming to graduate from UNIBEN with a first class but was cut short by your haters who were against your just course as you stood on daily bases for the oppressed, the poor and the ignorant and bringing them to the light.

Omo or Paulash, as you were popularly called, history describes you as bold and fearless even to the point of paying the price like a Heroic soldier.

As a Christian, you believed no power, group or authority is above the power of the Lord, that’s why you anointed your self with the anointing oil on 23rd June, 2002, to face and overcome all foes, believing that nobody can touch God’s anointed but your haters were wicked, evil and demonized. And their hearts were already sold to Satan, the enemy of Jesus and His followers.

Nevertheless, those who loved you believe your soul is resting in the bosom of the Lord, and they take solace that your heart is right with God almighty.

Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, till resurrection mourning.

Dearly remembered by Innocent Okoh and Peter Odion Aigere (Twin brother).

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