Obaseki is a master of silence. If you ask me, our Governor should put his house in order first. By Mike O. Enahoro.

Gov. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, Executive Governor of Edo State.

Obaseki is a master of silence. If you ask me, our Governor should put his house in order first.

By Mike O. Enahoro.

If you say, Governor Wike should have reached out to you, why commit the same offense? Well, I am sure, this is after much pressure to do so. Our Governor, H.E. Mr. Godwin Obaseki is not known to respond to people in this manner. The Governor is very good at keeping people in oblivion while doing the needful. Just when I concluded that the day I have people’s responsibility on trust, I will adopt the Governor silence mechanism of operation, the unusual happened….hmmm.

You do not change your style because of people. If there is anything I cannot afford not to learn from our Governor, it is not this his very act of keeping people silent when they rant. This is one quality I am doing my best to learn from the Governor of Edo State. So, what happened?


Outburst is Governor Wike’s style of politics. He has won some and has lost some yet has remained committed to our party.

On the few ones raised; National Convention eventually went to PH, Wike’s Tambuwal was defeated in favour of Atiku yet, Wike did not run away from the party, he worked for the party PDP won in Rivers State for Atiku in the 2019 presidential election. Elumelu of Delta State became the Minority Leader, Wike have no option but to key into it. That is how to be a party man. Governor Wike’s style of politics is to intimidate. If you are not a good politician, you will fall into it. If you visit Rumuokoro in PH where Wike grew up, you will find out that, he has been like that. I was privileged to spend some time in PH after service. I had a feeling of Wike’s area.

Some stuff we cannot undermine. Nigerian politics is beyond science and ICT. The day our Governor will leave office, that is the day he will realize that he has more enemies around himself than friends. About 80% of them all will change their alliance and move on. You will be hearing the same people clapping today “I was telling or advising him, he was not listening.” People like that are the worse enemy of mankind.

If I were the Governor, I would have kept silent as usual. The truth is, keeping silent is deadlier. Despite Wike’s intimidation about Elumelu, H.E. Governor Okowa had his way without noise.

Permit me a little. Let’s look at some issues that are playing out. Is our Governor having a complete grip and total control of Edo PDP? We all know the answer. And the Governor is not punching the right button to have it all.

Most of those who started lying to the Governor that created the Edo PDP problem after the Edo 2020 election, where are they today? They are now with the same Chief Dan Orbih against the Governor they lied to. A new set took over from them. Many of the new set have slowed down and new ones are now onboard or on recruitment. And if the Governor looks very deep, he will agree with me that, this is the truth. Like Barr. Anselm Ojezua once said the failed dissolution of the party structure was never the Governor’s idea. Of course, from the dissolution, we went into harmonization that has failed because it was mismanaged.

Leadership is about influencing your people. How can many of us put in our resources, time and everything on the Governor’s reemergence as the Governor and we are like aliens in the same party we hold in high esteem? Those who did not know how we used our bodies to collect gunshots are the ones the Government now import to believe in.

A few days ago, I saw one of Governor Obaseki’s commissioner in a place. I know about five people from the Commissioner’s village that were seated. They did not even know he is a Commissioner and the Commissioner did not even know them. Yet, these guys were very key in Governor Godwin Obaseki’s return while the Commissioner was busy with his own life. A lot of things are not in the Governor’s favour. I would not want to come here to say, it is spiritual. The Governor has to, first of all, believe we are one and treat all of us as one.

Of course, the Governor said, Chief Dan Orbih is Governor Wike’s regular guest in PH. Let us agree that this is true. Is it not possible that through the National Vice Chairman-SS, Governor Wike is servicing Edo State party members that are supposed to be our Governor’s immediate responsibility? If Governor Wike is the one servicing some members of the Edo PDP EXCO through a proxy, are they going to be loyal to our Governor? Outside that, where is the official office of the National Vice Chairman-SS located? We all know it is not in Abuja, not in Asaba, not in Benin, not in Calabar, not in Uyo and not in Yenogua. Has it been relocated out from PH?

In Rivers State, party matters are run by party officials. State affairs are managed by Government. Is it the same thing in Edo? I give you an example. A rally was organized in honour of our National Chairman. Who took responsibility for ensuring the rally? I do know we have a State Organizing Secretary in the person of Mr. Tony Anenih Jnr. Was he the one that took charge? Of course, the commissioning of projects is a State matter. These are separate entities.

Even in this Governor Wike’s unnecessary outburst against our Deputy Governor, Edo PDP are divided; some for and some against. This is because we are not united. If we are united, waiti concern Wike with Edo State matter? I am sure, directly or indirectly, he is paying our bills.

It is as bad as, without imports or anything like rigging, if we come together as *Edo PDP* today to consider between Governor Wike of Rivers State and our own Governor Obaseki. Usually, because only Edo PDP members will be involved, we should expect our Governor to defeat Governor Wike. Are we sure our Governor can get 50% from today’s PDP?

My take is clear. Our Governor has a lot to defeat any person. Like the National Chairman said, the Governor’s technocracy needs to be fully enhanced with better politicking. Nigerian politics is not ICT. I have said it again and again, the Governor will not be the one to lose but those whose political ambition may crash after 2024 when Governor would have finished his tenure in office.

I think the Governor should work on appointing people who can give him results and not who can sing his praises to remain in Government. Our bros must put his Edo PDP house in order. It is not about Chief Dan Orbih. Many of the key responsible party members are not with the Governor. Most of the people we see in the crowd are not voters; either as delegates or general… They are mostly paid to form the crowd.

Anyone in doubt should take inventory of what happened in the rally. How many of the State Working Committee members were in the rally that was put together in honour of the National Chairman? 3 out of 14. How many of the State EXCO were there? 3 out of about 34. How many Senatorial Chairmen were around? Of course, none. What about the Senatorial EXCO? I did not see more than 1 person out of the many in the three Senatorial District. How many LGA Chairman were around? 1 out of 18 because the second person I saw has been removed. What about others in the LGA EXCO and Ward Chairmen and their EXCO across the 18 LGA and 192 Wards? Shockingly enough, apart from Governor Obaseki’s appointees that were there which may not account for 2 percent of the crowd showcased, all of us that were in the rally and throughout, what positions are we holding in the party? The best is our public opinions. Except through adhoc, we cannot vote or be part of the decision.

The truth is, the reality is not fantastic. It is my appeal to the Governor to put his house in order. Solve Edo’s PDP problem yourself. The solution the National is bringing is unlikely to change from what we have recommended over and over again. The solution is in your hand.

I don talk tire…

Even as some gossip went saying that am abusing the Governor, let it be on record that I said; *I am a strong believer of the fact that shit non-dey smell from the stomach, I am not against the Governor and I am not against the National Vice Chairman-SS.* I believe they are leaders who know what to do.

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