NYCN ELECTION: Mind Your Business, Or Face Bees Sting, Youths Warn Interfering Commissioner


NYCN ELECTION: Mind Your Business, Or Face Bees Sting, Youths Warn Interfering Commissioner

Eben Enasco Reporting

Proverbs 26:17 says Interfering in someone else’s argument is as foolish as yanking a dog’s ears and the consequences are resonated in first Thessalonians 4:10-12.

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But avoiding overstepping in issues that one has no idea about, may save a roving ant from the waiting tongue of the lizard.

Minding one’s business doesn’t mean evading responsibility or ignoring the world around you. It simply means knowing when it’s best to avoid such.

Hon. Andrew Adazee Emwanta is a Commissioner for Youths & Gender, Edo State who is said to have been engrossed in other people’s business and tends to be too far away from knowing when to use his office to promote the policies of good governance and may face the backlash of Edo youth in 24-hour, if, he did not retract his sinking steps according to the National Youths Council of Nigeria, NYNC caretaker committee chairman, Ehi Osagie.

At a gathering of the Nigerian Youths on Friday in Benin City, the Caretaker Committee Chairman of the National Youth Council Of Nigeria, NYNC, Edo State, Comrade Osagie Ehi is accusing the Commissioner for youths and Gender issues, Adazee Emwanta of Meddling in the electoral procedures of the youth Council while briefing Journalists On
the current state of the Council.

Comrade Ehi, alongside other members of the youths council in the state who are calling for the removal of Hon Andrew Adazee Emwanta over what they claimed, is his “sacrilegious act” warned of the Consequence of his actions should he not withdraw his earlier decision and tender unreserved apology.

Lately, the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, Edo State chapter has been embroidered in a leadership gap flowing from the alleged inability of the outgoing Executive Committee, led by Comrade Osahon Obasuyi.

Comrade Obasuyi was, however, accused of not setting up a template to conduct a fresh election two months before the expiration of his four years tenure that will usher in new executives, as stipulated in its constitution.

Emwanta, who is said to be a constitutional legal ordinance is believed to be failing by his professional niche while magnifying a decision outside the Constitution of the Council to overturn a constitutional matter put in place by a management committee as empowered by the constitution of the NYCN.

They cited part of his moves to include making one of his close aides, Sarah Igunbor, a non-
management of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, Edo state chapter, head of
transition committee, a process they found wanting and out of place.

They alleged that the said Sarah Igunbor is a very close ally of the Commissioner for Youths & Gender and had promised her a week ago of this appointment and also assured her that she will be in charge of the organization for six (6) months so he can make some budgetary recommendations in the 2023 budget for her to conduct an election already due in November 2022 till May 2023.

Recall that privy to the decision of the commissioner, the management committee led by Comrade Solomon Idiogbe which is the second-highest decision
making organ of the Council after its congress, constituted a five-man caretaker committee to put in motion, modalities for the conduct of an election in 60 days which the
dissolved executive reportedly failed to achieve.

Ehi said, Consequently, the Commissioner decided to call for a truce meeting between the new leadership of the council headed by Comrade Ehis Osagie and the dissolved executive of Osahon Obasuyi to amicably resolve the lingering issues bedeviling the council.

He added that, after a painstaking meeting, it was clear that the Hon. Commissioner who is supposed to be an unbiased umpire became an interested party, as he immediately named the said Sarah Igunbor to lead the Caretaker Committee against an earlier resolution of the Constitutionally bonded management committee.

He opined that sequel to the above, a publication sponsored by the said commissioner was placed in the public domain affirming Sarah Igunbor the Chairman of the commissioner’s new committee, a development that has caused fuss within the Council.

According to him, the entire youths have unequivocally stated that the said Sarah Igunbor is not
and has never been a member of the National Youth Council, as membership is not on an individual basis but rather on an organization as clearly spelled out in its constitution.

While calling for the sack of the Hon. Commissioner of Youths and Gender Issues, we call on him to
immediately withdraw that list and tender an unreserved apology to the entire youths of Edo within 24hrs
of this press release.

They also urged him not to drag the pragmatic governor and the government of Edo state into the mud.

However, in a more intriguing development an online publication of the Nigerian Observer News Paper, with the Monika, “NYCN Election: Edo Youth Ministry Resolves Crisis appeared across social media, stating that the Ministry of Youth and Gender Issues has set A seven-man transition management committee to restore peace to the embattled Nigeria Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, in Edo State

It further noted that it was the decision of a three-man mediation team set up by the Deputy Governor of Edo State. Rt. Hon Philip Shaibu to intervene in the constitutional crisis in the NYCN Edo state chapter.

The Commissioner of Youth and Gender Issues, Hon Andrew Adaze Emwanta who presided over the meeting with the two factions of the NYCN in his office disclosed that the mandate of the transition committee is to restore peace, law, and order to the state chapter of the youth body and to subsequently organize a free, credible and fair election as soon a possible, in line with the constitution of the youth council.

The Committee which is made up of one nominee each from the faction of the incumbent chairman and the other contending group is chaired by Comrade Sarah Igunbor Sarah.

Emwanta noted, “we all know that It is the election that is creating this tension. The consensus of stakeholders and the two sides to the crisis is to the effect that the supervisory ministry in Edo state intervenes to save the situation from degenerating into a violent crisis. Citing relevant provisions of the constitution and the precedent that was set in resolving the 2018 National crisis of the Youth Council, it was resolved that a transition management committee be set up to bring sanity back to the Youth body in the state.

The other members of the Transition committee to manage the affairs of the NYCN in the next six months are Moses Agwinede, Shadrack Osamuyinmen, Favour .C Alagba, Moses Balogun AileobiSadatimat Sadat, and Peter Aguebor-Secretary

Members of the mediation team are Barr. Donald Okogbe, Former Commissioner for Community and Chieftain,ncy affairs, and Barr. Lawani Damian, former member House of Assembly and Commissioner for Youth and h, Sports, Special Duties.

In another breath, A government special announcement signed by the same Hon. Andrew Adaze Emwanta JP, Commissioner for Youth and Gender Issues said the state government has closed down all operations of the youths council.

Emwanta disclosed that the closure became necessary due to the leadership succession crisis rocking the state chapter of the Youth body.

In his words, “Security agencies in the state have been informed of this decision and have the mandate to apprehend any person or group who volunteer to violate this directive of government.

“In the meantime, the Transition Management Committee which was set up to organize the Youth Council election will operate from a location to be provided by the supervising Ministry.

Unarguably, the National Youth Council of Nigeria is the umbrella body and the authoritative voice of the Nigerian Youths established by the act of parliament and Its activities are guided by the National Youth Policy framework and its constitution.

Therefore, the Youth Council is none sectoral or
partisan, it is an independent body that shouldn’t be coaxed to function within a personal vindictive measure.

It’s often believed in our local adage that, where there is no wood, a fire goes out, and where there is no gossip, contention ceases. Like charcoal is to burning coals, and wood to fire, so is a contentious person to kindle strife.

If Hon. Andrew Adazee Emwanta must continue to be perceived as an umpire, he must as a matter of urgency avoid the bee stings that may consume his portfolio, and further put a dent in a government that is by miles losing societal trust.

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