No Living or dead African has contributed to the Masses Access To Education like Ambrose Alli and Awolowo!


No Living or dead African has contributed to the Masses Access To Education like Ambrose Alli and Awolowo!

….Esan Youths Organization Reflects as she holds an enlarged memorial programme in honor of the evergreen Sage 32 years after death.

Ekpoma 22nd September 2021.


In reflection of the life and times of Professor Ambrose Alli of blessed memory, the Esan Youths Organization has opined that no living African has broken the record of Ambrose Alli of Bendel and Awolowo of Yoruba land.

Going down memory lane, the Esan Youths Organization revealed that from studies and findings, no living African has surpassed the contribution to access to masses education spearheaded by Late Prof Ambrose Alli and Chief Obafemi Awolowo both of the United Party of Nigeria (UPN).


As premier of the Western regional Government in 1954, Chief Awolowo pioneered the campaign of free education by embarking on the most prolific mass educational project in Africa making education not only free but compulsory in Western Region at a time when access to common primary education in other regions was a tug of war. Please remember the challenges Eze faced in “Eze Goes to School” in the Eastern Region. Even under the Midwestern Government, many Ibos crossed over to Asaba, part of the Midwestern region to benefit from the great free educational scheme.

As a follower of Awolowo, though Awo did not win the presidential election of 1979, Ambrose Alli of Bendel followed the manifestoes of the UPN topped by Free and Compulsory education. Alli took the concept further surpassing all his contemporaries by garnishing the concept with massive rural roads construction, educational aids to civil servants, school feeding programmes that 3 decades after his death, his presence is still felt arround the old Bendel.

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The EYO Celebrate this great man and stand tall to state that no living or dead African can measure up to their standard and achievement and pray to God almighty to keep their dreams alive by raising up young leaders with same selfless attitudes to take over from where they stopped.

Even as we host the 2nd edition of Edo Central Science and Mathematics Quiz Competition, the EYO is not only dedicating the event to his memory but also trying to emulate his doctrine of massive educational opportunities for the less privileged even in face of hurdles for the school system left behind by Alli but now endangered.

The EYO shall always work hard to preserve the legacies of these evergreen Sages now and always.

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