Nigerians To Submit Phone IMEIs From July – NCC


Nigerians To Submit Phone IMEIs From July – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that Nigerians will have to submit the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of their phones to the commission from July.

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The agency said the requirement is part of the commission’s Revised National Identity Policy for SIM registration launched recently by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Our source reports that the development is part of the implementation of the Device Management System (a Centralised Equipment Identity Register) by the NCC.

Consequently, the implementation will be from July to September, 2021.

According to the policy obtained by our Source, “With the aim to curtail the counterfeit mobile phone market, discourage mobile phone theft, enhance National Security, protect consumer interest, increase revenue generation for the government, reduce the rate of kidnapping, mitigate the use of stolen phones for crime, and facilitate blocking or tracing of stolen mobile phones and other smart devices, one of the means to achieve this is through the deployment of Device Management System.

“The implementation of a Centralised Equipment Identity Register otherwise known as Device Management System will serve as a repository for keeping records of all registered mobile phones’ International Mobile Equipment Identity and owners of such devices.

“IMEIs that have been reported as either stolen or illegal will be shared through the DMS to all the operators and service providers.”


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Philip Oladeji
Philip Oladeji
May 21, 2021 12:31 pm

This government is going too far. If one the reasons is to trace stolen phone i disagree with them. When my phone was stolen, I took the IMEI to police for recovery, I was asked to bring #40,000 to recover phone of #45,000.
I expected it to be free so that thieves will be afraid of snatching phones from people because they know that they will be caught.. IMEI may be useful in tracking the devilish people, agreed, but what of with hunting the people that are criticizing government.

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