Nigerians in North America Drums Support for Peter Obi, says a new Nigeria is within reach through Obi Presidency.


Nigerians in North America Drums Support for Peter Obi, says a new Nigeria is within reach through Obi Presidency.

Toronto Canada 4th September, 2022.

Nigerians in North America under the aegis of Diaspora Support Group, has declared full support for Mr Peter Obi to emerge the president of Nigeria come 2023.

This historic declaration was made in a BBQ Political Awareness Rally in Toronto, Canada yesterday.

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Comrade Brown Ehigie Osemwengie, an international human right activist, who in Collaboration with Naija Youth 4 Peter Obi and Diaspora Vanguard convened the rally in support of the incoming President Mr. Peter Obi come 2023, told Urban Scoop Media that Mr Peter Obi Presidency is a reality that will take Nigeria from the state of disillusionment and uncertainty to a glorious future.

According to Osemwengie, “Nigeria has travelled too far on the rout of self inflicted travails despite the huge resources at her disposal. It will only take the intervention of an intelligent, hardworking and a resourceful leader to surmount the national challenges to lay a solid foundation for an accelerated growth and development of the country”.

He added “We Nigerian diaspora do not take issues of our country of origin lightly. What happens to our dear country affects and concerns us very deeply because it’s the only country we have. After a thorough and extensive research on ways to ravage the situation and after carefully looking into the antecedents and capacity of all the contenders for the 2023 general election, we have come to the resolution to support one man by name Mr Peter Obi of the Labour Party. He stand out among other contenders and with his leadership antecedents, we have found him worthy to be entrusted with the Nigerian Presidency at this cross-roads of national uncertainties.

We are confident that, as a prudent manager of resources and with his vast education in global Economic Management, Mr Peter Obi is best suited for this work.

We, the sons and Daughters and the indigenous people of Nigeria Diaspora want what is best for our country. We cannot continue in the old ways and expect new results.

We therefore call on our people back home to rally support for Peter Obi in actualization of a new prosperous Nigeria that we can all be proud to call our own.

Together We Can!

Signed: Comrade Brown Ehigie Arisco Osemwengie For Edo Diaspora Support Group.

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