#Nass2023 … Bhà giárékhán Ónólén’úgiedé Ósi’esi


#Nass2023 …
Bhà giárékhán Ónólén’úgiedé Ósi’esi

“If National Assembly de enter your eye and you are just going there to make law, or sleep, while others cart away projects, close am; allow those that will bring projects to go and do so.” You know why? 👇…

… Abegi, who bills and motions ep for we country?


Did you not see Senators Smart Adeyemi and Doguwa the other day on the floor of the Red Chamber lamenting that, since the laws they have been making are not being applied, that it is better for the National Assembly to be closed down and let everybody / members go home?

Abegi, 🤔 for those going from Edo State, go make law ooo! If it pleases you; but please, let your effort be channeled more to attracting quality projects (beyond hair dryers, clippers, SOLAR STREET LIGHTS, tomatoes grinder, and so on oooh) through legislative project interventions.

Na our National Cake be dat and Edo State deserves her fair share.

No excuses please; if the kitchen will be too hot for you, then allow people wey sabi road and who can take the heat to go and represent us 👌

Ditto for State Houses of Assembly aspirants’ ooo 👂 This time, excuses shall be untenable.

Bhà giárékhán Ónólén’úgiedé Ósi’esi🙏

A perfect example is our man and quintessential Hon. ( Dr.) Felix Godsent Ehigtese Akhabue JP aka JOEFEL who has been tested as local government council chairman, and his records remain unbeaten as far as Edo and Esan West Local Government councils administration is concern.

You now know why the good and performance-hungry people of Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency wants to elevate JOEFEL to represent them at the 10th Federal House of Representatives 😍

The reason is simple. The reward for EXCELLENT WORK (his own surpasses GOOD) is more work.

Let’s make a HOR member we can trust; a House of Representatives member who, served has local government chairman, and has mastered the ART of EFFECTIVE and DIVIDEND-ORIENTED representation; such that his FOOTPRINTS have not only been extended beyond the very Esan West Local Government council that he earlier represented, but also cover ALL SECTORS of the SOCIETY and ECONOMY 💪💪💪.

Make We All Join Hands Together as a Constituent to Nominate, Support, and Vote for Hon. Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, JP aka JOEFEL as House of Representatives Member, Representing Esan west, Esan Central, and Igueben Federal Constituency come 2023 >>>>>>>>>> and the Process begins Now.

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