Meet the Change Agent, Joyce Daniels Oamen, the Titanium!


Meet the Change Agent, Joyce Daniels Oamen, the Titanium!

Ujabhole 03/05/2022.

Change is the only permanent thing in this life. All factors of production are stagnant until a force of change is added to move the factor to another level.


From experience, Esan Central has been stagnant for too long, it’s time to change the narrative and take the Heart of the Heartbeat to a new level of transformation and development.

Joyce Daniels Oamen is the sure solution to the various development challenges facing the LGA.

The Titanium is loaded with ideas on how to turn the Fortune of the LGA around for good in the next dispensation. Let’s hear from her:


Change Agent – someone who has the skill and power to stimulate, facilitate and coordinate the change effort.

An ideal ‘Chairman’ for the people of Esan Central LGA of Edo State, would be one who is able to attract positive change to the community.

Joyce Ehinogie Daniels Oamen is a Change Agent!

Joyce, seeing the strategic location and importance of Esan Central, was able to coin the slogan “Esan Central; Heart of the Heartbeat”.

Joyce has the skill and the agenda which she has tagged *#BetterLife4EsanCentral Agenda* to bring positive change to Esan Central.

However, Joyce cannot do it alone, she needs the instruments of government, she needs the *POWER* to bring effective change to Esan Central, she needs *YOU!*

Now is the time for Change in Esan Central.

Let us all join our hearts, structures and hands with that of Joyce Ehinogie Daniels Oamen to make Esan Central truly the Heart of the Heartbeat.


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