Meet Arch. Nicolas Enato Erazua, the trailblazing aspirant for Chairman Esan West Local Government Area, Edo State.


Meet Arch. Nicolas Enato Erazua, the trailblazing aspirant for Esan West Local Government Area, Edo State.

Eguare Ekpoma 9th September, 2022.

Arch. Nicolas Enato Erazua is a native of Uwen-Dova of Eguare Community in the University Town of Ekpoma. The Bendel State University trained Architect is currently a Frontline trailblazing aspirant foror Chairman Esan West Local Government Area.

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In this encounter with Urban Scoop Media, Arch Erazua talked extensively about his origin, education, ambition and most especially about his over 3 decades of public service and how he will bring these Sterling experience to bare if made the Chairman of Esan West Local Government Council. Excerpt:

Please introduce yourself to us.

Nicolas Enato Erazua: Thank you very much. I am Arch. Nicholas Enato Erazua from Uwen- Dova community in Eguare, ward 4, Ekpoma Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State.

Urban Scoop Media: Tell us about your origin, education and work.

Arch. Nicolas Enato Erazua: I am from Uen-Dova community in Eguare, ward 4, Ekpoma Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State. I am an Ardent Catholic, a very responsible father of my children and husband of one wife. I am a graduate of Architecture and in the practice of Architecture, Construction/Fabrication and such other allied building services. I am contesting for the position of The Chairman, Esan West Local Government Area Edo State. I am the Pioneer President and Chairman Board of Trustees; Edo family Forum Eket, Akwa Ibom State. I am a Consultant to Oredo Local Government on Oil and Gas and matters. I am community mobilizer and builder. I was a former Supervisory Councilor for Esan West Local Government Area, Edo State 2012-2014. I was an
Elected Delegate to the electoral college (1993). Project Architect in the firm of Em bread, + Bethels + Ranz, Porth Harcourt ( No 2a Asamara Close, GRA Phase 1 Port Harcourt Rivers State) 1993-1994.
Construction/fabrication manager between 2001 and 2003 in the firm of “Michael Walsh”; and oil services company with head quarter at Cork, Republic of Ireland.
Service provider in the Oil and Gas up-Stream Sector.
CEO, Natoe Projects, Architecture, General Engineering, Construction/Fabrication, Project Management and Constancy Services.

Urbanscoopmedia: We are aware that you are currently vying for an elective position, please tell us about this.

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: Yes I am vying for the office of the local government chairman in Esan West Local Government Council on the platform of The People’s Democratic Party PDP.

Urbanscoopmedia: How much of your constituency do you know and how have you impacted in their lives?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: I know every nook and cranny of Esan West Local Government Area. I was born here in Ekpoma Uwen-Dova community in Eguare, ward 4. I am a legitimate child of Eguare. I am the son of the successful carpenter and a prosperous Farmer who lived and died for the love of his family and the entire community. Everyone can attest to this.

I schooled here in Ekpoma and as a student, I was an ardent mass server in the Catholic Church. This took me to every town and village in Ekpoma and beyond, building social network and getting acquainted with different persons and villages. As a matter of fact, there is no town or village in Esan West where I don’t know People and i also know their peculiarities. Growing up in Ekpoma, I use to go to work (carpentry) with my father during holidays to every part of Esan land.

Talking of impacting on the lives of the people. As far back as when I was a University student at Bendel State University now Ambrose Alli University, I used to in the company of other university friends, organize free lectures at Ukpughe Primary School for young secondary school students because education is the strength of any nation. Since after graduation, I have never be far from my people.

I am an Architect and a farmer. I have taught and encouraged some persons in Esan West in the art of poultry and the cultivation of Hybrid crops like tomatoes, different species of perper, carrots, cucumber etc. There was a time I brought some professionals to Esan West Local Government to teach the people on modern day farming at no cost. This was when Hon. Patrick Aguinede was the council Boss. I have also assisted different families to enroll their children for WAEC examination. I am very much involve in community development and project in my place till date and all this I do on “pro bono”.

It is on record that I put together all poultry farmers in Esan West Local Government Area and I invited “Edo Jobs” who came with Sterling Bank, formed them into cooperatives and this took place at the palace of the Onojie of Ekpoma. I can go on and on with many things I have done in helping my LGA but for sake of time. I want you to also know that I am a community mobilizer. Thank you.

Urbanscoopmedia: What can you do differently when elected?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: Thank you very much. Knowing the economic difficulty that the country Nigeria is experiencing, where fund for local government is hardly even enough to pay basic salaries of staff. I intend to go into collaborative Venture with individuals and cooperate bodies to be able to actualize our promise to the people of Esan West Local Government Area.

We are majorly going to be involved in Public Private Partnership (PPP) which is the future of the world economy. As a matter of fact, we are already talking and discussing with some of these persons and organizations.

Above all, we will make sure everyone in our Local Government is brought onboard and are carried along to make this work. We shall be involved in serious ethical reorientation of our people to put our values right which is fast diminishing.

Urbanscoopmedia: Tell us about your political party and it’s manifestoes?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: My political party is about the largest political party in Africa and since it was founded in 1999, it has been consistent with her policies.
It’s a party that have very good national spreed to integrate all ethnic group in the country . PDP is a household name in Nigeria.

The major aim of the PDP as a party is “altogether, at establishing the leading economy in Africa. If you look at some key points in PDP manifestos like “We are Committed to fight by all means necessary the twin evils of mismanagement and corruption in our national life.
You will agree with me that the main problem we have in the country are mismanagement and corruption and the PDP in her manifesto is posed in eliminating the twin evil which will then make or set our country’s path on the way to economic prosperity.

Urban Scoop Media: Considering the challenge of money bag politics in Nigeria how prepared are you in that regards?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: We are not coming to buy vote or induce people with money to vote us in. We are coming to sell ourselves to the people by telling and giving them confidence, our capabilities and sincerity of purpose.
Though this is going to be a heculean task because the electorate have been severally decieved. So, it become difficult now but with God on our our side, they shall see the truth. We are not going to buy the people with money and at the end of the day, we will be in office only to start recouping the money spent during the election. This is not to say what needed to be done with money will not be done but it will be done. But money should not be put on the front burner.

Urbanscoopmedia: How strong is your support base?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: My support base is impressive. I am from Eguare in ward 4, I am very much at home with my people and with people from other wards that we interact frequently who by now have seen my sincerity, good exposure and commitment.

Urbanscoopmedia: Please tell us about the youths in Esanland, what can you say about them?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: Hummmmm, great Youth of Esanland. The youths of Esanland are very enterprising people with strong determination to succeed but what we need to do is to mentor, guild them on the right path to follow in actualizing their dreams. They are hard working young men and women.

Urbanscoopmedia: Who is Arch. Nicholas Erazua, what are your unique selling points?

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: Well, I have given you my brief profile at the beginning of this interview.
As for my selling point, hummmmm journalist with their questions. My selling point in this LGA election is my consistency in politics which have made me to know people very well. My first election was in 1993 where I contested and won as a delegate to the electoral college and since then, I have never looked back.

Life has given me great opportunity and exposure far and wide in the positive sense. It is this exposure that we are bringing to bear in Esan West Local Government Area.
I have the quality to lift up Esan West Local Government Area through my various exposure.

Urbanscoopmedia: Advice Esan people generally about the coming elections.

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: My advise for the Esans in the forth coming election is that we should be very careful in the choice of persons we vote for. We should scrutinize the persons very well and ensure we vote persons that will truly represent us well across the various boards. People that truly have the welfare of Esan at heart.

Urbanscoopmedia: Considering the crises associated with the last PDP Primaries in Edo State, say something on the preparedness, readiness and unity of your party for the coming elections.

Arch. Nicholas Erazua: After heavy rainfall, there must be Sunshine. Despite all that have happened, the PDP will come out stronger and better. There will be reconciliation where agrieved parties will be pacified and the PDP will again move on as one family. Life and politics is a game of compromise.

Thank You.

Thank you sir.

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