Massive All-round Development For Esan Central LGA, a dream to be actualized under Joyce Daniels Oamen!


Massive All-round Development For Esan Central LGA, a dream to be actualized under Joyce Daniels Oamen!

Ugbegun 23rd April 2022.

It’s good to dream big and to match your dream with action. Great ideas started as a mere dream and vision. I Joyce Daniels Oamen have always dream big and has pursued my life dreams and ambitions to physical reality.


Now my dream for Esan Central LGA, the heart of the heartbeat is very big. From the seat of Okaejesan in Irrua through the great Kingdoms of Ugbegun, Opoji down to the Cities of Afuda, Ibore, Atuagbo, Ekilo, Ugbokhare including the great Kingdom of Ewu, all that Joyce Daniels Oamen see are massive untapped resources and potential industrial and agro-allied hub.

Let’s join hands with the great dreamer, the Titanium to boost the physical and infrastructural development of the heart of the heartbeat.

I am your humble daughter and willing to transform my learning, passion and expertize for the good of our LGA.



Dreams_ a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.

There is an age-long notion that “what-ever happens in the physical world, is a representation of what has happened in the dream or spiritual world”.

The people of Esan Central deserve an action driven dreamer and visionary ‘Chairman’.

*I, Joyce Ehinogie Daniels Oamen, I am a DREAMER and I know how to add action to my dreams!*

I dreamt that I would be one of Nigeria’s most sought after Master of Ceremonies, even after I was told it would be a difficult feat for a woman like me. I added action to my dreams and voila, to-day, I am amongst Nigeria’s top 3 Masters of Ceremony.

I have always been a dreamer. What-ever achievement I have to-day, I dreamt about it.

To-day, I am DREAMING again! I am dreaming of a *#BetterLIFE* for my own people, the people of Esan Central L.G.A. of Edo State, Nigeria.

I have the capacity, love and vision to transform my community into some-thing enviable. I can-not do this a-lone, that is why I need your SUPPORT, to achieve this dream of mine.

Together we stand! Divided we fall!


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