It would be yet another time for another push and maybe another wish. But then before time pass merrily, and before an opportunity become a past and an odd. Its pertinent of us, the people of Esan Central, Esan West and Igueben Federal Constituency that; we circumspect options and choice, trim our anxiety, and sentiments with an eye for pedigree and favourable expectations as time may never accord us this kind privilege to better the lot of our land and the felicity of our people.

2023: As we all know, old Okpebholo people will boot to the polls soon in search of peace and comfort, happiness and dividends through effective representation. But before then, permit me to seize this medium to ask; what are really our expectations, and what are the intrigues that would bond or bounce us as people and as a collective entity?


With the unfolding of events, and as the juxtaposition of tomorrow become clearer and demanding, it’s imperative that we don’t spite on excellence and a proven self, as our tomorrow depends on our today’s compromise. The stake of governance is very high, hence why we are left with no option than to explore the best hand(s). Politics should be looked beyond the next election, but the next generation. Politics should be looked beyond temporary entitlements, our concern and push should be for essential arrangements and placements.

As succinctly put by Theodore Roosevelt, “Big jobs should usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones, men who have the understanding of works of life”

Inarguably, one of the many reasons why most of our leaders in government are not living to expectations is as of result of us trading competency for whatever reason(s).

As 2023 general election is fast approaching *Hon. Dr. Felix Godsent Akhabue JP aka JOEFEL* amongst others who is expected to run in the race of National House of Representatives, Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal constituency has appeared to stand on the top hill after public perusal.

Hon. Felix Godsent Akhabue, A former Esan West local Government Chairman, former ALGON Chairman South South, Former ALGON National President, former President United Cities and Local Government – West Africa, and later Africa, former first Vice President, World Conference of Mayors, and also a successful entrepreneur in Hospitality, Farming, Pharmaceutical services, etc, etc is a man full of proven abilities in the human race both in private and public service. You can take everything from JOEFEL, but you can’t take competency, expertise, efficiency and diligence from the communal statesman.

Owing to competency, trust, transparent and enthusiastic lifestyle of JOEFEL, he has always been decorated as a management and administrative helmsman as his serving career is full of many reformed developments.

JOEFEL’s blueprints, expertise and competency in both private and public works of life is one to crave for. Going by this and many more, It’s therefore undisputable that he is best candidate for the coveted office of the member representing Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency come 2023.

JOEFEL can come great, JOEFEL shall be great, think light, think Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue JP. Let’s build a unified Okpebholo where every person and group can achieve their goals and aims equally.

=== Nominate, Support, and Vote Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, JP, aka JOEFEL as aspire to represent the people of Esan West, Esan Central, & Igueben (Okpebholo) Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives Come 2023 —- and the Process begins now.

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