….Ivie Ahianbale gets endorsement following her publication of first novel!


….Ivie Ahianbale gets endorsement following her publication of first novel!

The Power of Social Media..

Ewu 6th November 2021.


I have some flaws no doubt but one gift I have realized I have is that I know to spot Gold by merely looking at the earth.

I just left a Telephone Conversation with a certain Dr Osamuyi, an academic doctor and from the Ministry of Education.

She read about the orphan thay I gave External Examinations scholarship to. She was impressed and wants to invite her to Benin for an event and also to see how she can be showcased and empowered…

I didn’t even collect the girls number but gave her guardian mine. So I have given the caller Osi Jomo contact to contact the Organizer to reach the Girl, although she said they would also be able to get the young girl by summoning the CIE to fetch her.

It’s good to follow your heart. I sat down on the seat yesterday, flipped through her book and read the ABOUT THE AUTHOR page to notice her both parents were addressed as Late. I was led to invest in her future by my pronouncing Sponsorship even though she’s not the first to be on my Sponsorship list.

I felt peace of mind when I announced it and feel even greater peace after this call from Benin of endorsement for her…

I thank Osi Jomo for the initiative and I thank President Fidelis and his Exco team for his strong presence.

Let’s continue to do good to all men.

God Bless Us all.


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