Ilushi Waterside, Udo Forest Reserve, Ambrose Alli Graveside, Ewu Rest House, others top list of great tourist location in Esanland !


Ilushi Waterside, Udo Forest Reserve, Ambrose Alli Graveside, Ewu Rest House, others top list of great tourist location in Esanland !

….as EYO Calls For A Renewed Govt Attention on Esan Heritage.


By Esan Homecoming Advocacy Campaign Committee

Udo 1st April 2022.

As part of the activities lined up for second edition of Esan Homecoming Advocacy Campaign, the Esan Youths Organization (EYO) took a media voyage round the popular Esan Tourist Destination/locations to have a first hand view of their current state.

From pictorial evidence, EYO appreciated the powerful tourism potentials of the various heritages, but however lamented their current state of abandonment and called on the government at all level to mount intervention for the preservation and sustenance of the historical sites.

Below is a preliminary list of the tourism site in Esanland. Excerpt:

* Udo Rest House

The famous Udo Rest House is located at Udo Forest Reserve in Udo Town in Igueben Local Government Area, a distance of about fifteen kilometres from Ubiaja. It was developed from the Forestry Rest House which was built by a renowned forest conservationist in the 1970s and also served as a government retreat centre. The centre has a wildlife park, which is home to some exotic animals donated by the late President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya. If serious efforts are made to rehabilitate and revive the centre, it could become an enthralling tourism attraction in Edo Central.

* Ifeku Island

Ifeku Island is an Island in Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State. The inhabitants of the island are farmers and fishermen. Ifeku enjoys the uncommon distinction of being the only community in Edo State which is completely surrounded by water and this has naturally conferred the status of a tourism destination on her. A little push by way of providing basic amenities and aqua-tourism facilities could turn the place to the wonderland of Edo Central.

* Illushi Water Side

Illushi is right beside the great River Niger. The riverine town with its cool breeze, cloudless sky, spacious river bank and vast expanse of water is another potential tourism destination in Esan Land. A boat ride from Illushi to any of the adjoining riverine communities before or after devouring a steaming dish of fresh fish in any of the fish pepper soup joints dotting the town would be a delight any time, any day. Just like Ifeku, Illushi needs relevant public amenities and other ancillary facilities without which tourism cannot thrive.

* Amahor Water Side

Amahor water side is located in Amahor Town in Igueben Local Government Area, Edo State. The river and the nearby century old building where some white men once lived during the colonial days if properly managed could become another tourism hub of Esan Land.

Oghogho and Izele Statute:

This statute is located at Ewu. The couple, Oghogo and Izele were said to have founded Ewu Market which is believed to be one of the oldest markets in Esan Land.

* Late Prof. Ambrose Alli Compound Ekpoma

The ancestral home of the saviour of Esan people and first civilian governor of the old Bendel State is indisputably one of Edo Central’s tourism attractions. The federal government should formally declare the compound of the legendary icon a national monument and make annual budgetary provisions for its maintenance.

Ewu Rest House:

One of the first hotels in the entire region built in the colonial era.

Others include:

* Opoji Spring
* Obieme Lake
* The 35 royal palaces of the 35 kingdoms in Esan Land etc.

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