I will Organize An “Okpebholo Assembly” For Policy Directions – Jonathan Alele Oboite, NNPP House of Rep Candidate.


I will Organize An “Okpebholo Assembly” For Policy Directions – Jonathan Alele Oboite, NNPP House of Rep Candidate.

Uhiele Ekpoma 23rd August 2022.

Jonathan Alele Oboite is the candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party vying for the position of House of Representatives for Esan Central, Esan West and Igueben Federal Constituency. In this interview with Urban Scoop Media, the Igbinedion University trained serial enterpreneur talks tough about his ambition, his political party, manifestoes and other sundry Esan development issues. Excerpt:

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Urban Scoop: Please introduce yourself to us.

Jonathan Alele Oboite: I am Jonathan Alele Oboite from Idumigan Uhiele, Ekpoma, Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State.
The candidate for House of Representatives Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency on the platform of New Nigeria People’s Party NNPP.

Urban Scoop: Which part of Esan are you from?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: like I said earlier, I am from Uhiele Ekpoma, Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State.

Urban Scoop: We are aware that you are currently vying for an elective position. Can you tell us about this?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: Yes, I am vying for the position of House of Representatives for Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency also known as the green chambers.

Urban Scoop: Under which platform are you contesting?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: New Nigeria People’s Party NNPP.

Urban Scoop: Considering the issue of the deep rooted political parties and in terms of structure, tell us about your chances of winning?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: We should first discuss the deep rooted political parties, which you mean the popular parties at the State and national level that will be APC at the national level and PDP at state level.
As for structure, the NNPP currently today in my Federal Constituency has two House of Assembly Candidate for Esan West and Esan Central Local Government, we have our three local government chairmen for the Party, we have our 30 ward chairmen across the three local government area. In regards to the Senatorial District, we have a Senatorial Candidate. So we do have a good structure on ground.

In regards to the deep rootedness of the two parties we are mentioning, I really do not have to tell people about their failures. Our job is not really to critize but to offer alternative.
It’s not just the failure of these parties but the impacts, what our people are suffering, what they don’t have access to. There comes a time in our lives where we need to tell ourselves the truth. There is a slogan I do tell people that “doing same thing constantly over and over again and you are expecting different result is insanity and our people are not insane.

Our Constituency as of today is completely different in the area of economic, infrastructure and security than what it was four or eight years ago, so it’s actually an emergency.
As to your next question, Our Chances of winning; Well, I am a people’s person. That’s in my campaign I always tell the people what I want to offer. Why I am doing this is that you cannot be going for position on the ground of winning only, No. There is the need for people to hear the alternative for solution to problems. Why we are confident of winning but in the option of not winning, we have offer solution that whosoever wins can also use. So it is not just about winning but it’s about profiling solutions.

Urban Scoop: Before now, how much of your constituency do you know and how have you impacted them?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: In regards to my primary constituency, I am from Uhiele- Ekpoma, Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, I am a multiple business owner, in Ekpoma to be precise. I have shopping complexes, houses and NGO that has been impacting on our youths for some years now.

As regards Irrua and Igueben, I am on a very friendly terms with some highly respected chiefs and youth leaders in those areas.

I have also stayed in Amahor that’s Igueben and I have good relationship with them and my NGO has been reaching out to youths and still reaching out.

Urban Scoop: Tell us about what you can do differently when you emerge?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: I can’t deny the fact is like cliche. Every electionary year, you hear different stories and promises and I expect our people to be sceptical about the things they hear.

One of the point I raised is the problem with a lot of our leaders. That problem of ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s why they eventually rise to the the position of Demigod who sees himself as a representative and leader.

On this ground, one of the things I put in place is an OKPEBHOLO GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Where we will pick two or three members from each ward who will meet with me quarterly.

Why I want this is that I have worked hard for name and reputation and I am a young man and I don’t want anything to stain my name. When this Okpebholo General Assembly members meet quarterly, we will debate policies and directions for projects in every wards in old Okpebholo. That means, it is the assembly that will decide for me what they need in their wards and not what I need for them and with this, there would be accountability. I will institute this assembly within 30 days of my going into office because it doesn’t take much. It is the people that will nominate their representatives into the assembly to represent them and speak for them.
This will also bring the people close and it will also create check and balance.

I really want to do representation and not to lead. I am not asking to be anyone’s leader but their representative.

Urban Scoop; Tell us about the manifesto of your party and how you can leverage on it to deliver the dividend of democracy to your constituency?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: What makes me fall in love with the New Nigeria People’s Party NNPP is the party slogan “PROGRESS”. I don’t need to tell anyone that the word “CHANGE” is a dangerous word now because when people promise you change, you must be careful of the kind of Change they promise you and you can see the change they promise Nigerians and how it’s telling on us.

Our manifesto is on progress. The leader of this party at the National level is H.E Kwankwaso is a true reference of our party manifesto about People’s Capital Development.

You know in developing a Nation, you must develop it’s people. This is what I resonate with because I have been in NGO as long as I can’t remember and selfless services across boards in security, education, commerce. I am also elected council member of Benin Council of Commerce and we’ve done everything possible to encourage local growth in commerce, sales and promotion. I was responsible for bringing alongside my president the Mai – Dede Group that came to Edo State and been hosted by H.E Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki the governor of Edo State. All these is about bringing investment to the people. I have been doing this and I have now met a party that agrees with this ideologies like (bread and butter).

Urban Scoop: Who is Jonathan Oboite? What are your unique selling points?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: Hummmmm.. Jonathan Alele Oboite is a very stubborn man, extremely stubborn. He has a tendency to go left when others goes right especially if he doesn’t agrees with it. I am a free thinker. If I commit myself to a course, it is very impossible for someone to take me away from that geniue course.

I grew up in a very educated home and by God’s grace, I have a Bsc., Msc., MBA, PGD and a lots of other professional awards.
My father of blessed memory and alongside my mother both late. They died early, infact they died when I was 20 years old leaving with four siblings to care for and by his grace they are all graduates.

I am someone who sees a problem and can’t sleep until that problem is solved and if I can’t solve it but I know I have done my best and allow God do the rest.
I love beauty, beautiful environment, beautiful health, beauty in all you can imagine, even in spirituality, I love beauty. I love a functional system, I love a fountional equal society.

Urban Scoop; Tell us about the youths in Esanland? What can you say about their potential?

Jonathan Alele Oboite: Good question. Esan Young Men, Esan people are resilient. They’ve never been a point in the history of Nigeria that there was never an Esan man there. I dare say that this is the first time ever in the longest time that we don’t have an Esan man up there in government. From Chief Anthony Enaholo, Agustus Aikhomu, Chief Tony Anenih, Prof. Ambrose Alli, Stella Obasanjo etc. The Esan man is a Star, we work hard and very respectful and this is in our DNA. This is who we are, we are industrous and this flows in our youths. But there is this energy in our youths to explode in the area of sports, Science, Business etc but the facilities and the enablement are not there for the Esan Youths. They cannot channel there talents or energy to what they really want to be . Our youths have recognized that it’s not their fault and they don’t know what to do about it.

What youths wants are direction, opportunity and these things can be created and so we need to breach the gap urgently. Our youths are not competing just their only their Edo competitors or their fellow Nigeria counterpart but with youths all over the globe because the world is now a global village because of internet.

Urban Scoop: How can Esanland develop politically and economically.

Jonathan Alele Oboite: Good Question. Now when it come to politics, I feel in Esan land you should go and learn. Esan people are too politically inclined. But I will take the question to mean, How Can We Grow In Relevance Nation Wide. This is how I will take the question because if it is about nature of politics, the average Esan man is an Orator, he is a guru but how will all these make relevance in National politics? First we must get our electionary right. During the course of my interaction with people, I tell people to judge and critize me but more so, compare what I have with that of others and their comments. Because you have to think, you have to see the onions of the other person vying for office. Do this persons really know what they saying or it’s just the usual vote for ” integrity”, vote for “who know road” and these are statement rehearsed every day.

It is not a matter of I will do this or that, but how are you going to do it. And this brings me to the next question; Economically. I mentioned in one of my campaign Promises that I was going to encourage Intra Federal Constituency commerce route and I saw a lot of backlashing and believe alot of people don’t understand it. Economically, beyond the problem of infrastructure been roads and security that harbour people from their farm and to other places, the next problem is the facilities that can make our products well package as finish goods and the next problem is the market to sell these goods to.

Now, it will shock you to know that in the core North, things like Mangos, pineapple, cassava, that we can get in Irrua, Igueben, Ekpoma and the rest, most of them are been imported from Niger Republic. There is nobody connecting our people, our farmers to these Market and we have a lot of wastages here. There are wastages here because no body is leading that innovation to say look gather your product and package them properly and take them to where it is needed. Thankfully in NNPP we have a lot of youths who are vying for the house of representatives in the North and we happen to have a coalition and one of the things we are talking about is Intra constituency trade, that once we’ve gone into office we will open the market with them and our people here. We also need processing Mechine and packaging for preservation before sales.

Urban Scoop: Tell us about your upbringing and education.

Jonathan Alele Oboite: I was born into a Christian and traditional home. My grandfather was a strong traditionalist. My father was a Christian and I believe in tradition and Christianity because it was tradition that really saved me when my father died.

On education, I wasn’t born in Nigeria but the United States of America including most of my siblings. My father brought us home in other not to lose touch With our root.

I had my secondary school education at the Igbinedion Educational Center, my first degree at the Igbinedion University, I then travellrd abroad to get some certification. I came back to Nigeria and got my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the Benson Idahosa University (BIU). I went back to Igbinedion University for my MSC in Political Science and PGD in Political Science. I had training as a Reconciliator and Mediator at the Institute if Chartered Reconciliators and Mediators of Nigeria, I am also the state director of Policy and Strategy PCRC. I am also a commander and honourary member of Edo State vigilante.
I have multiple awards from the Nigeria Police Force, commendation for service rendered and Community building.

Community building and security is one of my best field and I have built a lot of knowledge in this area and this are some of the things I am bringing to the table.

Urban Scoop: Advice the people of your constituency on the coming election.

Jonathan Alele Oboite: Thank you very much. Very simple advice, I want our people to please come out and vote, vote, vote and please vote. With our votes, we will determine the trajectory of our land.

Another advice is that, I cannot tell you not to take the honey put in your mouth. I can’t tell anyone that. What I am talking about is that there will be financial inducement, but let’s allow that financial inducement to mislead us. Let’s know that our votes will determine our future and the future of generation yet unborn.

Let not follow it’s a leader there, follow who know road, this and that. You can see the vote of follow who know road where it has land the country and our Constituency to.

Let’s vote wisely.

Thank you

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