How To Pick The Right Candidate: The Onolememen Example (Part 1) .


How To Pick The Right Candidate: The Onolememen Example (Part 1).

By Elempe Dele 

It is almost an agreeable matter that Dr. Mike Onolememen CON is the best candidate for PDP for the Senate seat in Edo Central Senatorial District. This fact is never in doubt, even by members who have lined up based on different interests to be on the side of the opposition or sitting on the fence. His records in public service speak volumes that no single individual can discount.
However, for the purpose of history and antecedence, I will want to do justice, as far as I can, to educate the politically uninitiated on what and what to look for in picking the best candidates to represent parties for general elections.
Gone are those days when sentiments and affiliations man our minds to arrive at these delicate decisions, what we now do is project candidates based on certain critical issues. 


In my view, the first and most important material to look into is the candidate himself; his track record, public relations, conducts, antecedent, accessibility, popularity, public service, etc.
For Dr. Mike Onolememen, who is a household name in the district, he needs no introduction. He has since cut his teeth deeply into both capital and human development of the people of Esanland from when he was in Petroleum Trust Fund and to when he left as the substantive Minister of Works in 2015. His records in infrastructural development in the nation are in our annals, and jealousy guarded.
Secondly, the next criteria can be looked at from two perspectives: the position the candidate takes on matters of importance and their leadership qualities which will be part of the experience they will bring to the office.
The Adolor of Uromi Kingdom has not been a leader of mean repute when it comes to the issues affecting Esanland in general.
He cares about all the issues ranging from Healthcare Delivery, Agricultural Development to Water Supply. He considers issues affecting communities in Esanland specifically, he is interested in issues affecting the state and even national problems such as insecurity, which the generality of the people expect the government to address. 

Dr. Mike Onolememen is a political war-horse with enormous leadership qualities. He has the characteristics everyone would want any leader to possess. He is intelligent, honest, has integrity, and can effectively communicate.
Political slogans and mass media are not what create his persona, he is a great unassuming personality. He needs no ‘image campaign’ as we see today by several others. He is an institutional image himself.
Thirdly, it is necessary to look for information (both personal and campaigns) about the candidates going for election. The biography of Dr. Mike Onolememen CON is a public document so I am not revealing any privileged information here. He has an impeccable history that no amount of political rivalry can taint.
There are various sources where one can find information about him, including websites and social media, as well as close associates. His press releases, speeches, his personalized social media platforms such as his Facebook page can help in getting as much needed information about his meritorious business as a man and a politician.
However, it is not out of place to also read a few negative reviews about him because as soon as you become a public figure, you are bound to be a target by the opposition, even within your political party.
Dr. Mike Onolememen CON is a deliberate creation of a focused mind, he is a character that cleared his path early in life as a goal-getter, he is an ardent believer in God and a political leader who is going to the Senate to effectively represent the good people of Esanland.
He is the best to do so without an ounce of doubt in the minds of the good people of the district.

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