Hon. Sunny Ojiezele, member representing Esan South-East in Edo State of Assembly

By Innocent Okoh
21 December, 2021.

Hon. Sunny Ojiezele

Hon. Ojiezele Osezua Sunday (Ikpenomhen) is the member representing Esan South East Constituency in the Edo State house of Assembly, an astute politician, a youth crusader and better known by his people as “Ikpenomhen” (good seed), he was a better giver then as a businessman before venturing into politics. He won in the primary and the general election to represent the constituency in the state assembly over two years ago, under the All Progressives Congress, APC, but later crossed to the People’s Democratic Party PDP, in 2020, after Gov. Godwin Obaseki, crossed to the PDP, and since then he has been fairing well but he has been so silent in the mainstream media.

You will never know much about his works until you ask or stay in the Constituency. So our correspondent, engaged his constituents recently and later went to confirm from the horse’s mouth, where he disclosed that the enrollment grants for SSCE, which gave him the admiration of all in the LGA, will resume by the end of this year.

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According to Hon. Ojiezele, “The era of giving or awarding money to state assembly members to execute physical projects in Edo state is over, the system has been abolished since 2016, during the first tenure of Godwin Obaseki, this is because the previous ones done before were poorly executed, moreover it’s not constitutional and they were awarded based on favouritism.”

Hon. Sunny Ojiezele

“The projects we celebrate in our Constituency were executed by the governor we are only empowered to access the level and quality of work based on the fact that it’s in our Constituency. Among the projects executed by the governor so far, is the Ewatto-Ewohimi road, Emu-Ohordua bridge, Ugboha and Emu erosion control projects and the Uhe road rehabilitation project which commenced recently in Ubiaja.”

He disclosed that the Ubiaja-Ugboha road project which has been reoccurring in the budget for over ten years now will commence by January 2022, because the governor has made it as one of his priority projects listed in the 2022 budget. He added, the Ofure road construction project, which has also been in the budget for the past two years, will be given attention despite the fact that it cuts across two wards in Ubiaja, and he promised to convince the governor to keep to his words by awarding it next year. But the focus now is the Ubiaja-Ugboha road project.

The EDHA member representing Esan South East, quickly added that on his own he has been involved in pet projects which includes, the giving of enrollment grants for indigents but qualified students in Esan South East LGA, this has been through the OSEZUA Welfare Foundation.

He said, “I have been adding value to life through enrollment reduction package. I have been giving out exercise books for all secondary school students and some primary school pupils in the LGA,. So far since 2012-2015, I have been able to empower hundreds of students with enrollment grants for SSCE. In 2012 about 150 students benefited from it, in 2013, about 200 students also benefited from the grant, while in 2014, it increased to 250 students beneficiaries but it went down to 185 beneficiaries in 2015. But we had a break between 2016-2018, and by the grace of God, this year I shall be resuming the gesture again.”

“But the sharing of exercise books has been on since that time till date. This year alone I printed and shared 42,000 exercise books to secondary school students and senior primary pupils.”

Hon. Ojiezele Osezua Sunday (Ikpenomhen) went further to say, “So far I have assisted two indigent but qualified job applicants to gain employment into the Edo State traffic management agency, EDSTMA, I have also enabled the employment of two indigent but qualified job applicants into the state house of assembly, and currently we are expecting the list who applied for teaching job with the state government. Then in terms of appointments, in the last administration, I appointed three Special Assistant, SA, and Senior Special Assistant, SSA, to the governor, while in this present house of assembly, I have also appointed one SA and one other SSA, to the speaker.”

Hon. Sunny Ojiezele, member representing Esan South-East in Edo State of Assembly

“Also, I have been able to mobilize CSDP to Edekholor grammar school in Ubiaja, while I paid the counter part funding, they are currently renovating the science lab and a block of classroom. And before the end of this year I shall hold meeting with traditional rulers in the LGA, something like a town hall meeting to know their areas of lack in order to know what project maybe be sited in their domain.” He said.

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