Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, JP aka JOEFEL, KEEPING TO PROMISES MADE.


Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, JP aka JOEFEL, KEEPING TO PROMISES MADE.

… Man of impeccable values…

For there comes a Servant-Leader whose word will definitely be his bond, whose word will never be interpreted outside the meaning in which he intends to portray them, who won’t be saying A and doing a B, and above all a Servant-Leader who will know the worth and plight of those he leads or intends to represent.


An era shall arise where and when Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency Sons and Daughters will take up a greater part of their destiny on their hands and decide their own fate. There shall come a duration that will last when old Okpebholo resources will work for the Old Okpebholo, remain in Old Okpebholo, used by the people for Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency, invested in our Federal Constituency, and most relevantly, an era where and when all we laboured for over the years, and devasted by self inflicted enemies, will be restored in abundance for the overall good of us all.

There also shall come a season “soonest” when the babbling blackmailers, Charlatans, speculators, postulators, sycophants hypocrites, ingrates, rumour Millers, hypnotiser, fetishists, gossip and pull him down syndromatic carriers will permanently retire to a sit home groomed position where whatever they say or do will make no just meaning as we push ahead towards success!

A greater lot of leaders came with a blueprint that doesn’t work and is not tenable at the discuss platform, and we can’t just keep mute this while to continue living in servitude forever, therefore a government will soon arrive Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency where all of us won’t be sidelined by mere family dynasty, greed of just one man or selected insignificant few, fill my pocket alone fellas, and consistent political slave-masters and imperialists against the weak, the needy, and their gullible ones.

HON. (DR.) FELIX GODSENT EHIGUESE AKHABUE, JP, AKA JOEFEL Representation will be where everyone of us will be a partaker in the common patrimony of our great constituency, an entity where relevance shall be accorded even the least amongst us, and above all a prosperous life like never before!

Let us as PDP Delegates, and Constituency Electorates Nominate, Support, and Vote Hon. FELIX Godsent Akhabue, aka JOEFEL as Member to Represent us at the Federal House of Representatives come 2023 and the process begins now.

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