Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, JP aka JOEFEL: A Gateway to Collective, Sustainable Prosperity.


Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, JP aka JOEFEL: A Gateway to Collective, Sustainable Prosperity.

From the remarkable groundnut pyramids of the Northern states in the 60s to Fintech Development of the 21st Century, the Nigerian people have shown that they  are the nation’s greatest resource.

Human Capital Development refers to the acquisition of commercially viable skills, expertise, education, knowledge and privileges by a nation’s work force / citizenry in support and enhancement by the it’s leadership / government – all of which contribute in no mean measure to her Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the society / country .


There is a strong correlation between human capital development and economic growth. When people bring together their diverse skills, it leads to increase innovation, productivity, balance of trade, industrialisation, high level of literacy and life expectancy.

The benefits of human capital development are best achieved through provision of quality education whether formal or informal, health services, empowerment/employment,  infrastructure development and good governance. The last factor births policies that align with both the plight of the masses and the hope of the people generally.

When human capital development is downplayed or subordinated, the resultant consequences are; hunger, poverty, disease, brain drain, political instability, insecurity, and other ills which hamper social development.

Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency cum Edo State which is fastly and increasingly becoming Nigeria’s most important economic nerve center through Agricultural productivity, requires more than ever, a chief-driver with entrepreneurial zest and industrial verve. *Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue, aka Joefel* is a practical example of one who has been blessed with both. His records provide the proof. To realize its full potentials, the Federal Constituency ) Constituents needs a leadership mindset that can unlock the pathway to its fortunes.

*JOEFEL* is a name the people can trust for this task and several others which will in turn, propel human capital development as he plans to create the enabling environment for the thriving of a “Free Enterprise Economy,” where business ideas pitched by SMEs will be supported with grants and loans.

*Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue JP aka JOEFEL*, recognizes education as one of the major factors of development; hence he has resolved to give maximum attention to the sector.
As a private businessman / entrepreneur of no mean repute, it is instructive that the SUPREME – JOEFEL Conglomerate has awarded scholarship worth millions of naira to students of various categories.

Being an employer of labour, he understands the importance of prioritizing welfare of workers and this reflects in the conducive work environment at his business empire. This should excite Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituents and their privileged workforce.

The argument that he is not experienced in the art of public governance is invalid. There is former Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State who went straight into governance from the private sector and excelled brilliantly. The records are there, as there are many other examples.

A *Hon. Felix Godsent Akhabue representation,* will satisfy our collective yearnings for a society that values the innovations and entrepreneurship of her people and leaving behind stronger building blocks for the next generation to complete the hope and opportunities for transformation.

Dear Delegates and Electorates, *Let’s Nominate, Support, & Vote Hon. Felix Godsent Ehiguese Akhabue, aka JOEFEL,* as Member, Representing Esan West, Esan Central, and Igueben Federal Constituency come 2023.

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