Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue JP aka JOEFEL’S Aspiration: “The Benefits For Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben (Okpebholo) Federal Constituency” part (1).


Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue JP aka JOEFEL’S Aspiration: “The Benefits For Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben (Okpebholo) Federal Constituency” part (1).

As a businessman he is also a citizen with political rights and responsibilities, and as part of the broader community he is affected by constraints in the public service. So for him, assuming civil responsibility is because he believes he can make a positive difference.

Many business people will try to use their financial muscles to insulate themselves from the problems faced by ordinary people. For Hon. Felix Akhabue to choose to get out of his comfort zone and participate in politics to extent that he has shows he is special, and motivated by a genuine will to do good in service delivery.


Hon. Dr. Felix Godsent Akhabue JP aka JOEFEL, is an entrepreneur who emerged from a poor background to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Edo State. He now wants to give back. The fact that he wants to give passionately, means that he is likely to be a better politician. It also makes him hugely different from contemporary politicians who come to politics with the attitude that the society owes them something. This idea has been largely responsible for the looting of public resources with impunity.

*JOEFEL* as he is popularly called will bring fresh energy and direction into the legislative business. He is coming from an ecosystem that is driven by urgency to produce measurable results. Most politicians will weave these concepts into their speeches to sound clever, but for an entrepreneur like Joefel, they are a matter of life and commitments. This is because businesses that run without a sense of urgency to produce measurable results would fail.

As an entrepreneur, he will also bring an ethos defined by shareholder expectations. Shareholders are unforgiving in their demand for value creation. They also demand transparency and accountability. For most captains of industry and entrepreneurs, these demands become a natural way of doing things. Accountability then becomes second nature. They know that every naira counts.This is in contrasts with the demigod complex adopted by some politicians who think they have a divine right to rule.

Hon. Akhabue will also bring private sector networks that politicians are unlikely to have. He can close the gap between government and the private sector. He speaks the language of captains of industry. This is a natural quality in him that others aspirals may not have as is Conspicuously obvious in their Antecedence where most of them have occupied same or better political positions in the past….yet Joefel’s exploits in private entrepreneurship has become unprecedented with over 250-Citizens in his payroll. Where he continue to create employment and empowerment, while taking politics as a hobby, some others depend solely on politics and it’s usurpation, and making it a sole career.

One of the most valuable skills the best business people have is that they know how to harness human capability. Businesses thrive when they have leaders who have an eye for talent and can create conditions that are conducive for creativity and productivity. *Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue* has the capability of galvanising a convergence to create a melting pot that has the potential of producing some of the state’s finest creativity. He will harness the go-getter energy of the old Okpebholo Constituents and guide us to greatness.

He will not see the middle class as something to be milked. Like he has stated severally, the middle class is a power that needs to be harnessed. Most politicians see the middle class primarily as sources of revenue. As a business person, JOEFEL is likely to know that there are more creative and effective ways to drive up revenue than overburdened the middle class. He will create conducive conditions for more people to be empowered and become employers of labour.

Largely due to the fact that he has been an entrepreneur for years, JOEFEL comes with the huge advantage of not being desperate to make money. He lacks the inclination to steal from the public purse. He comes as a volunteer to serve the public, and is not a “careerist”. He will add a modicum of professionalism to our political space. …

Dearly Beloved Okpebholo Electorates, Let’s Nominate, Support, and Vote for *Hon. (Dr.) Felix Godsent Akhabue, JP aka, JOEFEL* as Member to Represent the People of Esan West, Esan Central, & Igueben Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Abuja, come 2023 ——— and the process begins ow.

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