Hard Times Hits Ekpoma-Auchi Road, in Edo as motorists groan.


Hard Times Hits Ekpoma-Auchi Road, in Edo as motorists groan.

By Innocent Okoh
21 April, 2022.

As the raining season intensifies in 2022, motorists and passengers are lamenting over the heavy traffic gridlock experienced as a result of the several failed portions on the Ekpoma-Auchi Road, in Edo state.


Ekpoma is the headquarters of Esan West, it’s also one of the fastest growing and developing town in Edo central region and it serves as the meeting point for those transiting to the North, South-South, South-East and South-West across the country, as they are bound to pass through the road.

The federal government said they awarded the road contract to three construction companies, to construct and dualize the road eight years ago, even when this current administration has not yet taken over the government. Motorists plying the road are pained by the hardship and have passed a vote of no confidence on the current level of work going on at the Ekpoma-Auchi portion of the road.

As at present major construction work is ongoing on the Ewu-Agbede axis while at the Ekpoma axis no major construction in sight despite the fact that it’s in dear need of construction work to commence.

Our source learnt that Motorcyclists popularly called Okada and their passengers in the area, faces great danger while plying the road to make ends meet, on daily basis and couple with current hike in the prices of Petrol per liter, cost of transportation has also increased making life unbearable for residents and visitors of Ekpoma town.

This is a call to the federal government of Nigeria and Edo state government in power, including the senator and federal house member, responsible for making life better for the people they govern and represent to rise up and take action to save lives. Stress is a killer help to save the people from dying untimely.

@President Buhari
@Minister of Works,
@Govermor Obaseki,
@Senator Ordia
@Hon. Edionwele

Source: Wonderful Media

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