Handwriting on the wall: Support your community schools or risk closure.


Handwriting on the wall: Support your community schools or risk closure.

…. overview of Edo State Ministry of Education’s body language in the recent closure of Udakpa Grammar School.

Udakpa Esan South East LGA 25th September 2022.

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Though the Edo State Government of Nigeria has not officially stated that public schools without community support shall be closed down, the body language of the Edo State Ministry of Education in it’s recent closure of Udakpa Grammar School speaks volume of it’s true policy.

Readers could recall that the Urban Scoop Media and it’s sister platforms have campaigned vigorously for the sustenance of Udakpa Grammar School, an ancient community post primary educational institution serving over 9 communities in it’s catchment area.

But owing to lack of teachers and conducive learning environment, many students left the school for private schools. You won’t blame them because at a time only the principal was the only government staff in the whole school. By that time, the school only functioned for WAEC and NECO exams.

Urban Scoop Media already saw the handwriting on the wall and thus campaigned extensively for community and old boys support of schools to avoid the closure of their great citadel. But our appeal went on deaf ears.

In Esanland as we speak, community, old students association and concerned individuals are the reason most of the schools are still existing – Ikekato Secondary School, ACC Irrua, Ujoelen Grammar School, Opoji Secondary School to mention just a few. Other Esan Communities must copy their survival blueprint.

To scale this scenario, Esan Communities and former students must wake up to this situational duties to sustain their schools named in their honour to avoid closure. This is the body language of Edo State Government with the recent happenings in Udakpa.

To the people of Udakpa Community, the school stopped existing many years ago when government failed to provide teachers to teach their students and many left as a result. The official announcement is just official procedure.

But Urban Scoop Media is saying no. There is light at the end of a dark tunnel. In the weeks to come, the media Organization in conjunction with Esan Youths Organization shall embark on an intensive media campaign to draw government attention to the Udakpa Question. We will not standby and watch our heritage taken away from us. Government is suppose to build, equip and staff new schools to meet the demand of population growth, not to close the existing ones.

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