Group Renovates, Equips Uromi Library.


Group Renovates, Equips Uromi Library.

As part of its corporate and social responsibility, the Urmi Like Minds Initiative has commenced the renovation of the Edo State Library situated in Uromi, the administrative headquarters of Esan North-East Local Government Area of the state.

The group has in the last two years since its establishment been involved in some community and human capacity development projects, only during the last Easter celebration supplied some orphanage and old people’s homes relief materials and food items to celebrate the season.

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While speaking to pressmen during the week, chairman of welfare committee and vice chairman of the organisation, Engr. Sebastine Osita described the library project as the biggest project the organisation has embarked on since its formation two years ago and harped on the need for students in the community to rekindle their interest in learning, being one of the reasons for the project.

Osita said, “thank you for the opportunity to briefly talk about our biggest project till date, the ongoing renovation and equipping of the Edo State-owned library located in Uromi town. This particular project is dear to my heart because in my earlier years in the town I had the privilege of visiting the library to study and having unrestricted access to various textbooks”.

“The serenity of the library provided a perfect environment for study. It was also a place to meet and share ideas with students from other schools. Having enjoyed all these privileges in the past,it was heartwarming when we as a group decided to take on the effort to revive the library”

Speaking on the idea behind the project, Engr. Osita opined that the need to “rekindle the spirit of learning in our youths whilst also recognizing the importance of education in the progress and stability of societies. We are quick to blame the youths for lack of interest in education without first providing the enablers”.

“So, our strategy is to first provide a modern library with ICT facilities and then follow with an awareness campaign aimed at encouraging full utilization.”

Picking the Uromi library was not a difficult decision to take according the ULMI vice chairman. “As you know, we met towards the end of the year to select projects/programs that will be executed in the following year once approved by the Exco team, and blessed by the entire members at the General Meeting.

“The choice of renovating and equipping the library is pinned on the fact that getting our youths to embrace education very early in their development process will help guide their life path and decisions. There’s no gainsaying the fact that our youths indulge in all manners of negative vices partly due to a lack of learning facilities to keep their minds engaged. We plan to extend our largeness to other sectors begging for support, Osita further revealed.

On his part, the executive chairman of the organisation which has its members across the globe, Mr. Sylvester Abumere Ekpen recalled how the state owned library had in the past been a source for learning and getting academic material and harped on the need to bring back the past glory of the institution through this renovation works and equipping it with books, ICT.

In his word: “Public libraries provide free access to educational, news, and historical resources, thereby keeping the people informed with facts that are necessary for the development of their mental capacities and general wellbeing. In the past, the State Library in Uromi acted as a hub for learners to connect and interact, in their quest for self development”.

“The rich reading culture that hitherto existed has significantly waned. Consequently, Uromi Like Minds Initiative’s (ULMI’s) choice of renovating and upgrading the public library in Uromi was necessitated by our desire to provide an enabling environment for willing people to have access to up-to-date educational materials and internet facilities. We hope to encourage more people to use the library after it has been renovated and upgraded, Ekpen concluded.

The renovation work on the building is costing the Organisation the N4.6m, which is being handled by an indigenous firm, Relvin Global LTD and the completion is estimated to be within five weeks, according to Prince Kenneth Edenojie who is the association`s director of Projects.

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