Ewu Progress Foundation: Milestone in Ewu Community Development.


Ewu Progress Foundation: Milestone in Ewu Community Development.

Ewu 4th December 2021.

Ewu Progress Foundation (EPF), an community development organization that started as Ewu Political Forum in December 2017 has grown to become a household name in Ewu, Esan Central LGA and Esanland. It’s today, the most active online and offline group of Ewu people in Nigeria.

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EPF, as it is now popularly called, was founded by two cousin brothers; Saintmoses Eromosele (SME) and Mr Godsent Jomo AIRAHUOBHOR, with the objective of providing a non-partisan socio-political platform for Ewu people all over the world to have an avenue to air their political, economic and other views, with the overall goal of fast-tracking socio-economic transformation of Ewu Community.

The Protem President was Mr Osezuwa Isiwele, who together with the Protem Executive working with the Board of Trustees, guided by the Founding Document, laid a solid foundation for the growth of the organization.

The great vision was taken steps further, and expanded, by the leadership of Engr Fidelis Edokpa, the first elected and current President, who’s held the position for two consecutive tenures.

EPF was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja in 2018. It enjoyed the support of Ewu sons and daughters at home and abroad, including the royal imprimatur of the Royal House of Ewu Kingdom.

In 2018, EPF sent a Petition to the Edo State Government and launched media campaigns for Ewu to produce the Chairman of Esan Central LGA, which hadn’t happened for 27 years of creation of the LGA at that time. The campaign included a threat to secede Ewu from Esan Central LGA to join Idoa, Ukhun and Ujagbe to form what Saintmoses Eromosele termed *KUGBE LGA or LCDA*. The ruling party bowed to the pressure and directed that only Ewu produce the chairmanship candidate which saw the emergence of Dr Edokpa as the first Ewu man elected Chairman of Esan Central LGA in 27 years.

EPF thereafter hosted the first ever EKPEBUA HOUSE, a speech making event to articulate policies and plans for Ewu and Esan transformation.

With the growing profile and acceptance of EPF in Ewu, the Onojie of Ewu handed over the then moribund Community Library to EPF and within weeks, EPF revitalized the Library built by TY Danjuma Foundation, that today after many years, it is the only functional non-governmental public Library in Esanland. The Library has been upgraded with ICT facilities by EPF.

With an Endowment Revolving Loan Fund by EPF member and philanthropist, Mr Omojiade Edokpa, EPF was able to provide interest free loans to Ewu Market Women to help their business. The scheme has entered its third year successfully with several families in Ewu benefiting from the non-interest micro loans for petty trading.

In 2019 and 2021, EPF hosted the first and second Ewu Sports festivals in which the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Abuja, headed by an illustrious son of the soil, Rev Samuel Ikpea, were on ground to spice up the event.

EPF bought motor bikes to support the effort of local vigilante efforts to combat kidnapping and violent crimes in Ewu. As we write this, EPF is raising over five (5) million naira to purchase security equipment for the Ewu Division of Esan Security Network codenamed *Atanakpa* after previously donating motor bikes and other technical support for Ewu Vigilante Group.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, EPF established the Ewu Food Bank, a project through which she disbursed food items to many families in the kingdom to ameliorate the hardship occassioned by the lockdown.

In an effort to contribute to healthy living of Ewu people, EPF through it’s health committee and it’s global allies, organized two editions of Eilu health outreach. A medical humanitarian endeavour through which the organization gave free medical treatment and advice to Ewu people and residence.

In areas of business ventures, EPF currently runs a massive cassava farm in Ukhiodo Farm territory under it’s members’ cooperative scheme.

With EPF and it’s global allies, Ewu community is on it’s way to unprecedented development in all facets.

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