Ewu Book Fair 2021 is a goal!


Ewu Book Fair 2021 is a goal!

…To hold on Friday Next Week.

Ewu 26th October 2021.


The largest book event in Esanland, the Ewu Book Fair 3rd Edition to hold next week Friday 5th November 2021 at Kings Star Hotel and Suite LTD, Ewu beginning from 10am, stakeholders declared to newsmen in Ewu today.

According to Comrade Kingsley Ohens (Chief Creative Officer) of Esan Creative Youths Foundation, (ECYF), the corporate organizer of the event, the programme is scheduled to feature the promotion of books, authors, culture and arts.

“Ewu Book Fair 2021 has many creative dimensions to it’s corporate planning, including an explosive book presentations by great Esan Writers to wit: Chief Osiri Sadoh who shall be presenting his new Epic Novel Titled: Isibor N’ Ohue. This novel deeps into the ancient past of the Ogiso Era.

Godsent Jomo is releasing his new Novel titled: How Angels Look Like. This novel interrogates issues of insecurity in the region and how to overcome them through home grown ideas.

The greatest of all is the blockbuster new drama written by Miss Ivie Ahianbale (a 15 years old SS1 student of the Prestigious Ikekato Secondary School Irrua).

This year edition promised to be a milestone improvement on the previous ones. From the ancient to the contemporaries, Ewu Book Fair is a concept that has so much to offer in the world of creativity.

The line-up of events of the Book Fair include: Book Presentations and launching, public reading, poetic rescitation, Inter-school debate segments, spelling bee and dance competition for juniors.

The Ewu Book Fair 2021 is scheduled to climax in an explosively creative Night Show tagged: the Ewu Book Fair 2021 Night of Creativity. Many established and up-coming Artist are scheduled to perform live at the historic event.

Plan to attend. For support, enquiries and details please see newspapers, posters, hand bills and banners for details or call: 08033596320, 07033657885, 07036627297.

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