Esan World Congress Donates 22 Motor Bikes in Support of Esan Atanakpa!


Esan World Congress Donates 22 Motor Bikes in Support of Esan Atanakpa!

…. As Esan Youths Organization send appreciation.

Irrua, 3rd October 2021.


The Esan World Congress (EWC) has donated 22 brand new motor bikes to Esan Atanakpa in support of the fight against banditry and kidnappers in the district.

The Esan Atanakpa, a recent conglomeration of all the Esan Vigilante Force into the Edo State Security Network was launched in Uromi Recently with pump and pageantry amidst massive jubilation.

‘This generous donation by EWC will go a long way to further equip the Esan Atanakpa to put in their best in the fight against criminals in Esan Territory”, Comrade Ohens of the Esan Youths Organization told Radio Esan in Irrua.

While commending and appreciating the Esan World Congress for this great humanitarian effort, Comrade Ohens call on the Commanders and Leaders of Esan Atanakpa to make judicious use of the donated equipments and strictly for the purpose for which they are donated.

He further advised the Atanakpa to see their duty as a historic calling to protect their fathers and mother’s land from Invaders and make Esan safe for farming and business to thrive.

Below is the excerpt of the announcement of the donation by a stakeholder on the EYO enlarged platform:

“On behalf of Esan World Congress, the President and the Executives have officially and successfully delivered 22 (Twenty-two) new motorcycles to Esan Atanakpa (Vigilante) this morning. I want to use this opportunity to thank members of EWC for making this philanthropic venture a done deal. We are grateful to everyone of you. For those who have not yet donated please, donate to this charitable cause”, the statement reads in part

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