Esan West People Should Support Irior Mike Peters For Quality, People Centered Governance.


Esan West People Should Support Irior Mike Peters For Quality, People Centered Governance.

Ujemen Ekpoma 7th September 2022.

The good people of Esan West LGA of Edo State, from the northern boundaries of Idoa, through the great Kingdoms of Ukhun, Egoro’s, Ogwa, Urohi down to the headquarters and University town of Ekpoma, have been called upon to choose a delligent manager of men and resources, Comrade Irior Mike Peters to oversee the affairs of the LGA in the next dispensation.

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This appeal was made in Ujemen Ekpoma when loyalist drawn from the 10 wards paid Comrade Irior a solidarity visit recently.

According to the group led by Mr. Lucky Uduogie, “Comrade Mike Irior has proven in his community service over the years that he is passionate about his land of origin. He has been contributing to the development of Esan West People in his private capacity and if given the mandate to oversee the LGA as the Chairman, he will bring the dividends of democracy to the nook and crannies of the Local Government Area”, he said.

Mr Uduogie added, “we have known him for many years. His love for people and their development is manifest in the life he leads. Those that have come cross this great man will bear witness to what we say about him.

If Esan West need a trustworthy person to deliver the goodies of democracy to the grassroot, Comrade Irior from Ujemen is the man to watch out for.

He is a deligent manager of men and resources. This is the unique quality, Esan West must watch out for in choosing a chairman. Esan West LGA being the food basket of South South Nigeria with abundance manpower and resources, all that the LGA need is a good manager of men and resources and the LGA will be among the richest in Nigeria”, he added.

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