Esan West Local Government Area: WHICH WAY FORWARD?


    Esan West Local Government Area: WHICH WAY FORWARD?.

    Dwelling on how Esan West Local Government Area would reach its peak politically and take her rightful place in the comity of provinces, and serve the constituents, it is apparent that we need to rise above primordial sentiments and parochialism.

    We need to put square pegs in square holes and not the other way round, particularly as it affects position of leadership; either traditional or political.

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    It is often said that life without a paddler will only remain a stagnant ship tied at the shore, but life with a barbaric paddler will make it even more difficult by turning a wave to a standing pole.

    The question is: WHO is capable of making impactful local government Council representation, giving quality representation and facilitating meaningful projects for the good of our people in Esan West Local Government Area.

    This is simply by supporting the only genuine symbol of peace, unity and progress in the person of *Irior Mike Peter*. If we are truly not happy with the state of things, we, as followers need to end bad leadership with our votes and the choices we make.

    Let’s take steps to change the narrative and stop complaining. Let’s do and be the change that we want and stop pointificating. Let’s engage with hope for a better tomorrow; we cannot afford to despair and throw up our hands in hopelessness.

    Of all the aspirants, and contenders, Irior Mike Peter stands shoulder high above the pack. He represents a breathe of fresh air and indeed a new order. His aspiration fits the kind of leadership and representation that we need at this time and age: urbane, young, digital, dynamic and daring. All these and many more make him the right choice for the time and season!

    Let’s walk and work together for the good of Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State.

    Support Irior Mike Peter As Chairman Esan West Local Government Area.

    Vote PDP

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